The Biggest Threat To Free Speech?

What’s the biggest threat to free speech?

Julian Assange defends many things including Liberty, Truth, Justice, and Free Speech.  Wikileaks is a media association and Julian is the Editor for that media association.  If we cannot have free speech across the world, then people like Julian and Wikileaks – The Guardian – The New York Times – Der Speigel…etc will not possess the ability to present information worldwide to the people worldwide.

Censorship by authorities such as governments across the world and non-transparency contracts with those government’s citizens produces a lack of trust and a lack of liberty.  If information is being deprived of citizens, then those same citizens cannot determine the best course of action that they want their governments to take.

We will be denied the information (as employers of our governments) that we need to have in order to uphold our title: citizen.  That upsets the balance of power – and of justice, for that matter.  That puts the government in control of the people rather than what it’s supposed to be: the people in control of the government.

As John K. Steppenwolf said [government becomes] a “monster that will not obey.”  Of course, once this is accomplished – liberty exists at the pleasure of the government – and not as an innate right of humans around the world.

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