Talk about a Vacation!!!

Geoffrey Robertson qc: “it’s not so much a house arrest as a manor arrest.” #assange house 10 bedrooms surrounded by 600 acres in Suffolk.

From The Guardian:

4.46pm: The Swedish process is an abusive process, Stephens claimed, adding that supporting material for the case had still not been provided. Assange will remain in jail until tomorrow or Thursday unless £200,000 in cash can be found. If the cash is stumped up, he will be freed.

Stephens said bail conditions involved Assange staying in a particular location so he could be geo-located with an electronic tag.

He is being kept in solitary confinement for 23 hours, Stephens said. His mail is not getting through and he is not being allowed to read newspapers. He said Assange was worried about his colleagues at WikiLeaks.

4.39pm: Mark Stephens said Assange is being held in Orwellian conditions.

The writer Hanif Kureshi and the publisher Lord Matthew Evan were also willing to put up surety, he added. Stephens said he has to find £200,000 in cash before Assange can be released.

The Swedish authorities have another hour to lodge an appeal. If they do appeal, this will be a persecution rather than a prosecution, Stephens said.

4.08pm: Speaking outside the court, John Pilger said it was a “disgrace” that Assange was held in solitary confinement (Assange was put on his own at the request of his lawyers).

Pilger said too many conditions were set on bail.

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4.02pm: Two good Twitter jokes:

Evengeny Morozov: Dear Anonymous: Don’t DDoS Assange’s ankle bracelet. It won’t help.

Newsnight reporter Paul Mason: Assange 10pm curfew bail conditions mean he cannot appear live on #newsnight.

3.55pm: Instant reaction from Assange’s supporters, courtesy of PA:

Jemima Khan, who earlier offered a surety on behalf of Assange, said: “It’s great news. I can hear them all cheering outside.”

Novelist Tariq Ali said: “I’m very pleased that he is out. I think the extradition charges should now be dealt with in the same way. His barrister made the same point, that this is not rape under English law and there is absolutely no reason for extradition. We are delighted he is out and he should never have been locked up in the first place.”

Author Yvonne Ridley said: “It is a victory for common sense. If he had been refused bail, it would have meant the court had become a political arena.”

Gavin MacFadyen, of the Centre for Investigative Journalism, said: “I am very pleased and it is about time. We do not know what the prosecution will do now. And there is still a possibility of an appeal.”

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