Professors blogg: El Telégrafo: “Bradley Manning case used by U.S. to put Assange on trial for espionage”

Thursday, July 12, 2012

El Telégrafo: “Bradley Manning case used by U.S. to put Assange on trial for espionage”

“With the aim of preparing the trial against the founder of WikiLeaks, in charges of espionage, Washington has kept Bradley Manning in prison for two years. He was locked in a windowless cell in solitary confinement, and forced to sleep naked to prevent him of committing suicide.”
The leading Ecuador’s newspaper El Telégrafo published the  article “Manning, el soldado que EEUU quiere usar para juzgar a Assange” [“Manning, the soldier U.S. want to use to put Assange on trial”] 10-07-2012. El Telégrafo’s journalist Mishelle Macías asked Professors blogg the publication in English
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‘Journalistic Jealousy’ Or Politics, Or Both?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

“A media conspiracy at both sides of the Atlantic”

The Third Part of the Series* on The Swedish State and Corporate MSM-Campaigns Against WikiLeaks.
Analysis. By Marcello Ferrada de Noli  In Firenze, Italy, and Stockholm

De Noli, Il Prigioniero. Rome 1974



Do Swedish journalists finds “inspiration” only in their ideological American and British counterparts or is it instead the case of an infuriated, compact opposition of their State or corporative employers against the irruption of WikiLeaks in the world of journalism? Or is it the coordinated action of a geopolitical design by the three countries involved in the “legal” case? Or both? Is this campaign serving of Sweden objectives of psychological warfare or just decoy manoeuvres to distract the Swedish people from issues such as the illegitimate arms deal with the Saudi Arabia dictatorship? And to which extent the Swedish Military-Intelligence affiliation by a stream of Swedish Journalists explain the compact implementation of such design?

RT: “The media that once praised Julian Assange, hailing him a hero for his work as a whistleblower, has now drastically changed its tune, after the debut of his talk show on RT. While some say it’s due to journalistic jealousy, others believe the U-turn is political. Laura Smith reports from London.” (In “Assange’s mainstream friends U-turn after show boom“. Published by  Russia Today, 24 April 2012. [1]

Laura Smith mentioned two main media in her reporting, the New York Times and the Guardian, and she finds marked similarities in their ad-hominem expressions in referring to the person Assange, rather than to the talk show The World Tomorrow, which gave reason to their commenting. Further, I found that those meanings also coincide with what the Swedish mainstream media published, at times in nearly exact terms (such as the New York Times’ reference to “Grandiosity and paranoia” and the Swedish SvD’s “Messiah complex and paranoia”; see the table here below:

Table 1
New York Times
The Guardian
Svenska Dagbladet
Swedish National Radio, SR
Ad-hominem description / slander
“Grandiose and paranoid”
“A useful idiot”
“Messiah complex” and “Notorious paranoid”
Charged in Sweden for rape and sexual molestation of two girls”
Article or program title
The Prisoner as Talk Show Host [2]
The World Tomorrow: Julian Assange proves a useful idiot [3]
Julian Assange and The World Tomorrow [4]
How good is Assange’s TV-show? [5]
Alessandra Stanley
Luke Harding
Daniel Persson
Emmy Rasper

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Sweden’s political decision on the extradition of Assange to the U.S.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

As the media campaign against Assange is on the increase (DN-1, DN-2, SvD, Aftonbladet), the Swedish government anxiously hopes for a judgment at the Supreme Court in London which,  they believe, it would help to distract domestic opinion from the on-going scandal “Arms-agreements with Saudi Arabia“. Professors blogg was first in Sweden to draw attention to the sensitive issue of the then phantom funding of the cover company (Swedish Security Technology and Innovation, SSTI) used for the intelligence and weaponry-trade operation with the Saudis. It has been now disclosed it was one of the Defence Intelligence apparatus which put up the financing to FOA. When the scandal was in the eve to break, FOA accused Assange and WikiLeaks of blackmailing Sweden in order to create nationalistic momentum for the “defence of Sweden” against its “enemies”. Assange was referred then as Number One public enemy of Sweden. Now that the investigations on the arms scandal pursues regardless the resignation of Minister Sten Tolgfors, the government of Sweden expect anew to play the chauvinistic “Assange card” with the help of the MSM. For its own political purposes the Swedish authorities press upon the extradition of Assange more than ever. It has become indeed the Swedish government case against Assange. This analysis demonstrates that the ultimate decision of the extradition of Assange to the U.S. will be political. Therefore, we call for the international monitoring of the steps taken by the government around this issue, and also the behaviours by the Swedish MSM.
Read also as background:

Charges against Assange drawn up in US

 RT: “Assange in final battle against extradition”

The perils posed by these revelations on a prospective indictment, makes urgent to re-consider political issues of the situation Julian Assange would face now in Sweden, in case been extradited there.  In spite of Sweden’s official silence, and the denial by the mainstream media articles, the extradition of political prisoners in Sweden is ultimately decided at a political level. Ergo, the risks for an extradition of the Wikileaks founder to USA – in case it will be requested – cannot be assessed solely attending to juridical arguments.
As I have recently expressed in another RT interview aired March 29, the preparations for these trials in the U.S. are seeking a connection between WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning in terms of making Julian Assange accountable. Previously, According to an interview with Julian Assange and lawyers Jennifer Robinson and Geoffrey Robertson [1], it become clear that the USA shall most certain seek the extradition of the Wikileaks founder. The reason – as mentioned in the interview – being that a US Grand Jury investigation has been on-going in Washington since last year – preparing aggravating charges on espionage. Apparently, efforts aims to Such charges, most likely in connection with the Wikileaks Pentagon-disclosures, would entail for Julian Assange “up to ten-years in a maximum security prison”, according to the legal experts. Meanwhile, a recurrent misconception – or deliberately misinformation – published in the international media, is to consider the deportation of Julian Assange from Sweden to the USA as, statistically speaking, “highly unlikely”.
But facts reveal the contrary: Regarding the open extradition requests from the USA since 2000, Sweden has granted such extradition in the TOTAL OF CASES in which the prisoner was in Swedish territory. This is based in statistics according to Sweden’s Justice Ministry (see below “The myth on that Assange’s extradition from Sweden to US is not likely”).
It is exactly this risk of extradition/rendition to the USA from the part of Swedish officials that made Julian Assange reluctant to come to Sweden (after the Swedish extradition request and the smear campaign that ensued in Sweden). I also refer the reader to the post This is Why, in which the reasons for this apparently Swedish revenge are summarized. This analysis was previously treated in the Professors blogg’s article “Sweden will grant extradition of Julian Assange to US if not stopped by international political pressure NOW”
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Anatomy of an untruthful scoop: Sweden’s psychological warfare against WikiLeaks, and the political case VS Julian Assange. Part One

Professors blogg – Thursday, February 23, 2012

Update 25 February: The twittering on WikiLeaks by the Foreign Minister of Sweden

I had not yet dusted off my gloves from having dissected all possible parts of the preposterous and ill-fated “scoop” of yesterday’s Expressen, when I received in my box a series of similar (in purpose) articles published in other Swedish media  — as though from an assembly line.

In the end, the one and only lesson to be drawn from of today’s psychosocial anatomy journey became: WikiLeaks is enormously needed. Especially in Sweden.
We really need the truth to be told, the corruption marked, trust in the printed word and honour restored. In other words, this new demonstration of anti-journalism by the Swedish tabloid press brings about no other than a new legitimation of the WikiLeaks message and struggle.
WikiLeaks it is needed more than ever; for only reliable information can cure and prevent decent people of this at times ill-meant, pharisaic journalism which does not represent Swedish professional journalism at large.
In this series a) I review the incongruences in the Expressen article’s content, and as well I comment recent others articles, such as the Svenska Dagbladet article of today 23 February, and the piece authored by the President of the Swedish Publicists’ Association in some days ago [I have already published a comment in Swedish here (Part 1) and here (Part 2)]. Other publications on-line on this issue, such in The Local will be also examined. The easy identification of the common codes and convergent themes in most of these pieces makes the establishment media’s anti-WikiLeaks operation self-evident; b) I explain such offensive by the media in the context of a psychological-warfare strategy, that – with focus in a chauvinist heightening of national sentiment – the Swedish government has resorted to in dealing with the WikiLeaks potential; c) I examine the relationships between the discussions of legal procedures of the “case”; the timing in the operation intending to decimate WikiLeaks economically; and the preparations of a most possible further-extradition; d) I explain this case in the context of Sweden foreign-policy commitments towards the US; and e) I suggest a fact-based explanation regarding the causes behind both of the offensives and their deemed collapse.
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