Sweden Attempts to Undermine Hearing

In some interviews with Julian Assange, The Guardian and The Times (both UK newspapers) stated that he said, “Authorities in Sweden attempted to undermine my bail hearing on December 16 by leaking documents to the press hoping that the information would land on the judge’s desk the morning of the hearing.”

The Guardian has made it clear that what was sent to them is understood to have been seen by Assange and his attorneys before the hearing took place and The Guardian took steps to publish that information the very next day – the 17th and the Saturday following on the 18th.

Assange says that there is no need for him to return to Sweden.  He was in Sweden for five weeks waiting for the requested interview.  The interview never happened and Swedish authorities had told him that there was no need for him to remain in Sweden – therefore, he left.

With every day that goes by, there is sure to be more questioned raised at Sweden’s justice system.  Spread across the internet, you can see people comparing the Assange Sexual Malfeasance case against others just like it.  It seems as though Assange’s case is on fragile ground as he is the first man to be pursued this strongly for the allegations against him.

There is enough information that doesn’t seem to “add up” for Julian Assange to feel that should he be returned to Sweden, he would face unfair and unjust process by the Swedish Authorities.  There have been public statements made about people in charge of the case in their personal lives attacking Julian Assange on various websites.

Sweden is indeed showing an unstable justice system and there is speculation on the parts of Assange and his attorney as to what they are going to do with regard to the abusive process that they are enduring.  Frustration looms, but nevertheless, Julian Assange has continued to move forward with Wikileaks releasing cables and documents daily.

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