Statement by Mary Kostakidis in support of Canberra candlelight vigil for Assange

Statement by Mary Kostakidis in support of Canberra candlelight vigil for #Assange

29 November 2012

We are still waiting for the Australian Government to fulfil their obligation towards an Australian citizen whose life and freedom are at risk because of his work as a publisher and journalist.

Their silence and abrogation of their responsibility in the light of so much evidence the US is building a case to prosecute Julian shows their subservience to the USA.

They should be playing a constructive role to bring about a resolution to the impasse which has seen an Australian citizen seek refuge in the Embassy of another country – an unprecedented situation.

The European Arrest Warrant was devised for the purpose of extraditing terrorism suspects. It has been misused all along and has had a ruinous effect on the lives of many people suspected of anything but terrorism. They have languished in jails for years waiting to clear their name, charged with offences such as exceeding their credit card limit. Julian has not even been charged.

The Swedish prosecutor pursuing Julian refuses to question him in the UK as has been done in other cases where extradition is being considered. No reason has been given other than it is her prerogative. To exercise such a prerogative in a case that is steeped in political controversy simply serves to reinforce the view that the two matters are connected. If they can’t charge him, then what is the point of getting him to Sweden, other than to keep him jail for as long as they like and for as long as the US needs to build its case?

Governments have power vested in then by the people. But as an American famously said about Vietnam, the people can’t know everything, otherwise they might want to have a say. Julian is in deep trouble because he believes you and I should know more, so we can have a say and not allow governments and corporations to get away what they do when we are ignorant.

This vigil is to say we value what you have done and continue to do Julian, and we want you back home.

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