Something Fishy going on here…

Extraordinary – Julian Assange is being held in prison and there’s no solid evidence for remanding him in the UK.  Something fishing is going on here – and I believe that a fishing extradition investigation should be conducted.

Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, there was much speculation in England with regards to extradition.  Since then, there have been questions rising with the imprisonment of Julian Assange – about the extradition laws that are currently in place in England.

Is Sweden fishing extradition rather than doing it in a more ethical manner?  Is the US pushing for extradition so that they can get their clammy hands on him?

What are YOUR thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “Something Fishy going on here…

  1. In Europe, if one country issues an arrest warrant, any country in Europe can detain the individual and hold them for the other country pending extradition to that country to face the charges.

    This has become unclear in the recent unfoldings of Julian Assange – with regard to his “rape” charge that Sweden has over him at the moment.

    The question then is – how can Britain detail someone for a Swedish law that is not also a British law.

    The next question would then be – how can a judge allow extradition when there is no evidence for even a prima facie case.

    “The 2003 Extradition Act originated in an EU decision agreed just one week after 9/11. It was sold to voters as a way of ensuring cross-border cohesion in prosecuting suspects wanted across Europe for terrorism and serious crime. The level of cohesion in criminal justice systems across Europe, the argument went, and their common obligations under the European convention on human rights, provided a sufficient basis of trust that an arrest warrant by an EU country could be agreed by the UK with little scrutiny.”

    Block quote taken from:

    I interchanged the words “extradition” and “expedition.” It seems that both Sweden and the United States are “fishing” for something that isn’t there – in order to get Julian back for embarrassing people – and causing the truth to be pronounced globally.

    Any thoughts?

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