Security concerns over Wikileaks Facebook fan page

It is believed that all of the spam currently being posted on the Wikileaks Facebook fan page could be an attempt by American agents to overthrow the site. It is advised that no user should click on any video link posted on the page and should take great care when going to any external site.

We must remember that the Americans are not happy with anyone supporting Wikileaks and I strongly advise any serious supporter to ensure that they have beefed up their computer security before making any provocative comments on any site. Please remember that there are many dangers online and although you may be amongst friends you could still find that your computer is being attacked.

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7 thoughts on “Security concerns over Wikileaks Facebook fan page

  1. Yes..I strongly agree with you although I will make sure that I don’t get paranoid about Amercian Secret Agents knocking on my door. I have to right to think and say what I want and If I have to be scared of maintaining a site like this that gives people the opportunity to voice their opinion and state their views, then I have to ask myself what kind of World I am living in….I ll take the chance 😉

  2. I have finally managed to contact ‘Viky’ somewhere else in the world – odd situation I think but not a threat to anyone. I have redacted my comments. The guy freaked when he found out where he’d put his site – he seems actually quite frightened, whether for good reason or no I don’t know.

    ‘Deskartes Neiche’ pointed out the host for the site was a well-know Republican party operation.

    Our American friends are at the moment under the gun so to speak – The atmosphere is deadly for anyone considering a protest over there.

    Things are a bit easier here in Oz because the population is LIVID with Government for hanging Assange out to dry. There’s no need to be paranoid – there’s nothing the various governments don’t know about you already 😉

    Just be circumspect and don’t get provoked into saying anything that could get you into trouble.



    • Quite right but I think there’s definitely a good reason to ensure that your computer is at least reasonable protected just in case the Americans try to do some digging. After all computers are the only venerability when posting support for groups on the web.

  3. I am an American. Don’t group us all together. The Americans like myself are censored easily here in America – until one of us gets pissed enough to fight back.

    Knowing that most of America are sheep – it’s easy to turn a relatively peaceful nation into a wide menagerie of chaos if the want is there.

    I have more than likely been on the FBI’s watch list for submissive terrorists since I am an Anarchist (Some water that down to libertarianism).

    I simply don’t give a flying f what my government thinks it can do. While I sit here being labeled an America and watch the world laugh at “Americans,” I have to wonder…is it time to move or stay here and keep up with the want for change – to overthrow this pathetic nation’s government and instill the TRUE intentions of what America was SUPPOSED to be.


    • Well I certainly see where your coming from I’m sorry if you feel my labelling of “Americans” is incorrect however every American I have ever had a debate with has always been exactly as the world perceives them. Americans think that their in charge of the world and have the right to police us. There are small numbers of Americans who are however different and have perhaps a reason to not be labelled as a typical American. However when you are so up yourself you claim the FBI are on to you it seems to me that the labelling does in fact apply to you. You believe that if your actions are slightly out of line the FBI will be right behind you. You sir may have done something to cause the FBI to be watching you, but on the internet your a nobody, just a number, just another human trying to make something of himself. So before you go around making grandiose claims why don’t you make a reputation for something first.
      Because on here your just another American.

  4. RP – I am not offended in the least bit by your statement. I am American and I hate America – if that says anything about me.

    There are few Americans like myself – but not many. We stay here in hopes that there will be change – and Assange is the person who inspires us to finally come out of our caves and speak up.

    America is like a contagious disease. We corrupted China (or attempted to) with Capitalism – along with many other countries. Look at what we are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. It makes me sick to my stomach. And rest assured – I would not be here supporting the man if I didn’t believe in what he’s doing.

    Exposing the American Government is only the first step in taking them down – and soon, America will fall.

    America has been a nice little experiment – that failed.

    I do not support American Government – and I’m sorry you’ve come into contact with no doubt – liberals and conservatives. I am neither. I support Anarchy.

    I am not a sir – either – by the way. I am female.

    The FBI has already confronted me recently – and I care not. They are afraid that because I have press authority and because I have collegues in other countries, that I should not be allowed to speak my mind. There is nothing they can do to me or my family at this point. They know that if they do – more smear will appear in the headlines and once again – I care not.

    What I DO care about – is holding the American Government and Military ACCOUNTABLE for it’s actions. And that is what Julian Assange has been doing. He is trying to help the public hold people in power ACCOUNTABLE for their actions. The public deserves the right to make their opinion for themselves regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion..etc. My motto is: THINK FOR YOURSELF. QUESTION AUTHORITY.

    True authority can be held accountable for it’s actions and fears not the consequences. FALSE authority can do neither of those things.

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