Round 100: Julian vs Corporate America; CA on the ropes

Julian Assange gave an interview on Sunday and spoke a little about how he doesn’t want to write a book, but that he must in order to continue his defense against the two women who have made sexual allegations against him in Sweden.

Assange claims that he will receive over one million dollars from the book.

The Australian said he would receive 800,000 dollars (600,000 euros) from Alfred A. Knopf, his American publisher, and a British deal with Canongate is worth 325,000 pounds (380,000 euros, 500,000 dollars).

Assange is facing financial hardships because of Coporate America’s boycott of Wikileaks.  Companies such as Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, and others like Bank of America and Apple are all joining hands in hopes of bringing Wikileaks to a halt.

So what does this say about Corporations and the free market society?

Corporations that get tax breaks and other government subsidies – and who scream about deregulation so that the free market can “do it’s thing”- turn around and show their rampant hypocrisy by trying to “regulate” the free market…inhibiting it’s very freedom.  So in essence, they are telling you that the free market only exists IF you use their products and spend YOUR money the way THEY want you to.  Is that truly a free market?

The true irony in this deal is that corporate America is willing to publish a book that slams themselves and exposes their hypocrisy and will do that to generate money for themselves.  Corporations truly have no soul.  Their only interest is the bottom line, unless of course, they are pressured by government.  And here’s where it starts to get disgusting.

Why wouldn’t Corporate America succumb to the American government?  The larger the corporation, the greater the access they have to politicians…  The more they are able to lobby for deregulation, tax loop holes, and other favorite treatment schemes…  Because money loves power loves money and money loves power.

The American government has boldly sent a message to Corporate America allowing them to be the children of the government.  Government has promised bailouts should something bad happen but that does not come without strings attached.  Corporate America must do what mommy and daddy want, and should they not – mommy and daddy stop giving them allowances.  Corporate America would die without mommy and daddy – and mommy and daddy (unbeknown to mommy and daddy) would die without Corporate America.

Corporations – like our American Government – is far removed from the influence of the average individual citizen and is essentially a face-less entity.  They have as their face, a surrogate – The President of the United States.  The federal government  needs a lever to use – to focus and organize the vast American population for easy control.  Corporations provide that lever.  They have provided the federal Government a lever by which they can focus American citizens around a central issue and thus we are easily manipulated.

Prior to the industrial revolution, communities were fairly isolated and had their own concerns.  Those concerns centered around religious issues rather than financial issues.  Since the industrial revolution and the rise of corporations as “private persons,” corporations have increasingly been successful at supplanting innate dignity with the false dignity born of one’s ability to consume.  That shifts the focus from a spiritual/metaphysical impetus to a transient physical temporal impetus.

Now that we are all focused on money, how to get it, and how to keep it – corporations have us gathered neatly into one narrow construct.  This leaves us as helpless prey to the diverse, deceitful, and devious machination of our federal government.  All of this ties together.

The one force that ties corporate america and the federal government together is the illegal federal reserve (according to American Constitutional standards).  The US Constitution states that congress ALONE has the power to mint and regulate coin.  The reason the Constitution only mentions hard currency such as coin is because of the disaster that befell the forefunner of America founded upon the Constitution.  There was a previous government organized under the articles of the confederation that had to be re-organized because it was deeply in debt from the use of highly devalued specie: paper money.  The founders of America specifically wanted nothing to do with paper money.  And thus the federal reserve is a privately owned institution – that generates money out of thin air – loans this money to government and corporations – and then both are in debt to the federal reserve.  Both the federal government and Corporations must be concerned about the perpetual generation of income, protecting the dollar, and eliminating anyone who exposes this ponzi scheme.

How does all of this in turn hurt a concern like Wikileaks and what they do?

Wikileaks indiscriminately tears at the foundations of lies by exposing the back-room dealings of the corporate world and governments worldwide.  This puts doubt in citizen’s minds about where they are spending their money, and creates a new atmosphere from which consumers can see all the facts.

Not only does the boycott on Wikileaks by corporations such as Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Bank of America..etc hurt Wikileaks, but more importantly – it hurts your own freedom to choose where you want to spend your money.  It boxes you in now that they have you so far in debt that you’ll never get out.  It hurts you as the individual and people worldwide.

THIS is why Julian must succumb to writing this book – because there is no other way out.  Once again – the federal government and corporate America have stymied one individuals right to free market and the pursuit of happiness.

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