Remember What Happened to Rome?

It burned.  And so will all these other “Romes” of the world right now – and Mr. Assange has become the ultimate pyromaniac 🙂

I see the flames and I’m startin’ to smell the smoke.

Go Julian Go!!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Remember What Happened to Rome?

  1. ah – what did the bible say – 70 times 7?

    What does paganism say? 3 out 3 in?


    It’s in the books – if people weren’t blind to it.

    I say – divide and conquer. Let the big nations of the world divide into smaller nations – so that the people under those governments aren’t so estranged from it. Voices will be heard. Corruption will be hard pressed to hide – and most of all…the people will have a choice of what kind of government they wish to live in.

    To hell with all this deceit and all these lies. We all knew what was going on in the backs of our minds even BEFORE Wikileaks sprung forth into existence. WE ALL KNEW – we just couldn’t prove it.

    Now that we know – and are finding out more every day – there is nothing that the government can do. There is no vaccination to stop the spread of information flow. There are no people that can be executed. The more you execute – the more angry the people and the more the information will flow.

    The Underdog – has won and it’s not even over yet. In fact…We haven’t even finished the first quarter.

  2. yup, open the doors, these lies infiltrate right down to the core of our society, of every society. how can we preach honesty to our kids and future generations when the people we are supposed to look up to and trust openly lie to us , and when we do get the truth the man is been persecuted. Julian is a hero in his own right and has had the courage to push aside his own safety and freedom for freedom of information, roll on the rest of the cables which as everybody knows anybody who wants to see them can.

  3. Personally – I want that password to the DDay file.

    I would cease my daily life and read it outloud to my family.

    After that – I’d be moving to another nation where there’s a certain amount of integrity in the authority. Where? I have no idea at this point. It would depend on what I read.

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