Reasons Why WikiLeaks “Will Win” The Nobel Prize For Peace

wednesday  october 5 2011


1. Un-missable chance for Norway to make Sweden look bad. LOL!

2. Supporting the release of CableGate, the Iraq War Logs, the Afghan War logs and the Collateral Murder video surely makes up for giving the Nobel to U.S. President Obama (worst decision evuh?).

3. Nobel Prize chairman’s own commentstoday:

“This year’s prize will be important, I think it will be well-received.”

“We saw many of the (Arab Spring) actors at the time, but that doesn’t mean that the prize goes in that direction, because there are many other positive developments in the world,” he said.

“The most positive development will get the prize,” Jagland said.

“So I’m a little bit surprised that it has not been already seen by many commentators and experts and all this because for me it’s obvious.”

“Not necessarily a big name, but a big mission — something important for the world.”

“For me and the committee, I think it’s quite obvious if you look at the world today and see what is happening out there,” he said. “What are the major forces pushing the world in the right direction?”

4. Timing. Right now, WikiLeaks badly needs the money, increased public support, and subsequent political “capitol” this will bring. The award could keep WikiLeaks alive (and Julian Assange out of jail).

5. WikiLeaks did not create the Arab Spring (and JA never claimed that it did). But just like Facebook and Twitter, it HELPED those revolutions succeed. An award to WikiLeaks also acknowledges such movements around the world, including #OccupyWallStreet.

6. Geography. For better or worse, most Nobel winners are from Western countries. Not so surprising when those giving the award are Europeans.

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