Readers Letter to Julian Assange

I am so grateful for all you have done for me and everyone else in the world. From my perspective it is clear that your work was a large contribution to the Middle East revolutions, which are now sparking some movement even in the U.S. (unfortunately my country!) and your continued release of relevant leaks are an important support to keep things on track. I can’t tell you to what extent this has changed my life. Hope has been born that the world can become a fair and loving place that I will want to live in.

I will do all I can to help protect you if worse comes to worse and you come here. However, you have to consider that the statements being made to the protesters in the Middle East by the very people who have threatened you (i.e. Hillary Clinton) may prevent them from assaulting you in fear of looking too obviously (even for them) like the hypocritical nasties that they are.

Thank you. You are the best of the best!

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