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Freedom of speech is our greatest asset and  yet of no use if you cant make yourself heard in your own language.  After carefull consideration we have decided to publish your articles in other languages. We have added categories for the following languages:

German – French – Italian – Spanish – Russian

If our site visitors would rather post in their own language then please remember to mark the appropiate language in the list before publishing your article

The languages have been chosen because we have the resources to moderate them and thus ensuring the quality we hope to uphold.

If you speak any of these languages and wish to participate in the moderation of posts in any certain language then please use the contact page and let us know to what extent you can help us make this site available for all.

Furthermore….if you would like to add any more languages that are not on the list then please contact us.

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2 thoughts on “Post articles in your own Language

  1. Dear Sir/ Madam

    I am a Slovak woman living in Germany. I speak four languages Slovak (native) Czech, German and English. I believe you should add the Slovak language. People in Slovakia are concerned with the same issues as you (we) are. They deserve to be informed! The majority of them can not speak English or German languages (or not good enough). Therefore, the majority of them can not access the important information. In addition, if you translate the pages into Slovak language, all the Czech people will understand it too. Consequently, you will cover two countries Slovakia and Czech Republic at the same time (that is about 15 million people who need to be informed). The Slovak media do not cover the issues in a democratic way. They only translate what suits them and when it suits them. Not only the media but also the legal system is terribly corrupted. It’s time for a change. Contact me if you feel I could help you. I could perhaps help you moderate the Slovak part. Alternatively, I could find someone reliable who could translate the content of your website.

    Keep up the good work.

    Yours Faitfully
    Michaela R.

  2. Hi Michaela…
    thanx for the mail. It was read and we sent you an answer via e -mail


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