Possible manipulation of evidence in the Assange case.

According to Göran Rudling, editor of Samtycke Nu/Consensus Now, a site promoting sexual self-determination, there are indications of possible manipulation of evidence in the Assange case in Sweden.

A cached search on the blogs of Anna Ardin reveals that some of the posts has been deleted just prior to the sexually related crime was filed with the police, posts made after the alledged crime took place, and wich fail to indicate any discomfort felt about spending time with Assange and even inviting him to a traditional Swedish celebration with friends.

Now this was published 30. of  September, but there has been some movement in the case.

Blog Entries:

According to Göran Rudling on the same site. http://www.samtycke.nu/2010/12/raderade-kommentarer-pa-fox-news/

Fox news has taken a closer look at it, and they (Fox) has appearantly been quite accurate on parts of this aspect.

Youtube links.

First part: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS-BBh3Onv8&feature=player_embedded

Second part: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrx9yLcKZL0&feature=player_embedded

For those who have the interest, here’s the printout of the cached blog:

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4 thoughts on “Possible manipulation of evidence in the Assange case.

  1. Could you post a link in the main links thread on Wikileaks facebook discussion page – I’ll incorporate into the next updated list of info on the case.

  2. Been busy here, thanks for editing the links to the rather interesting clips from Fox.

    A quick translation of the blog posts:

    Wednesday 11. August.
    Julian Assange. Wikileaks. Seminar. 11.00 AM Saturday. Workers Union Hall. Registrations at [email protected]. Priority for Press/media.
    Friday 13. August.
    @AndreasNson. I’ll fix (it)
    Saturday 14. August.
    Julian wants to attend a crayfishparty [traditional Swedish family/friend-party] anyone have a couple of spare seats tonight or tomorrow? [asking for invitations to crayfishparty]
    Sunday 15. August.
    Sitting outside and barely freeze [together] with the coolest [and] smartest people in the world, it’s amazing.
    Wednesday 18. August.
    @dekaminski worth eating crayfish you mean? [seems like an answer to someone]
    Thursday 19. August.
    Analysing internetdating: OKcupid=Goldmine, Mötesplatsen=trashdump. [Mötesplatsen=Meetingplace]
    Thursday 19. August.
    Listen to Somar. Editor of Islam and Politics, she’s awesome!

    She’s been busy following her regular schedule it appears…untill the Assange-case was reported to the police, then the posts on her blogs was erased.
    [my notes/comments to avoid things getting lost in the translation]

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