Please keep in mind…

Please keep in mind that the book recently released under the oxymoronic title “Julian Assange the Unauthorized Autobiography” is not the work of Julian Assange – nor is it approved of by the latter. Not only has the manuscript been stolen but it also further means that Julian Assange will not receive any benefit from this book. Articles concerning the matter as well as official statement have been published on this website.


As Wikileaks is more than ever in need of financial support we would like to remind you that there are other ways to spend your money if you would like to help Wikileaks! Visa and Mastercard are still operating a blockade preventing Wikileaks from receiving donations but you will find more information on how to make donation all the same here. Don’t forget that you can also purchase items from the Wikileaks Store. To make an extra donation consider buying a “I support Wikileaks” sticker for 25€, 50€ or 75€. All profit will go to Wikileaks.


Interested in a good read about Wikileaks? Take a look at Greg Mitchell’s book The Age of Wikileaks.

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