Paypal releases Wikileaks funds

In the midst of various DDOS attacks, Paypal has moved to release Wikileaks’ funds from it’s account, after it was suspended late last week for a breach of the sites Terms of Service.

AllthingsD reports that the Paypal team posted to their blog that they have made the decision to release funds to Wikileaks, and have said that they have not received any correspondance from the US government and made the decision independently based on their policy terms. Paypal say that they have previously reviewed the Wikileaks account for other reasons, also, but had made the decision to leave it open.

According to Paypal, Wikileaks breaks this part of the Acceptable Use Policy;

[Paypal] do not allow any organization to use our service if it encourages, promotes, facilitates or instructs others to engage in illegal activity.

The payment site says that they will release the remaining funds in Wikileaks’ accounts to them today, but the account will remain in a restricted mode, as it is “encouraging sources to release classified material, which is likely a violation of law by the source.” They also added that the procedures they are following apply in all other situations such as this, where an account is restricted.


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3 thoughts on “Paypal releases Wikileaks funds

  1. “likely” Paypal overestimates their position in society. Last time I looked it was the job of courts and judges to define what is a violation of the law and if any law applies at all. OK, scratch that, after the un-Patriot Act there are many wannabe fascists defining what might be a crime and worth torturing. But at least it is NOT a payment processor’s job to make legal decisions or arbitrarily support real criminals and sites that willingly ignore Paypal’s TOS, and cancel other accounts that “likely” might have something to do with the remainders of democracy.

    As many internet marketers I am shifting my business (as small as it may be) away from Paypal – you seem bend over to pressure, maybe pressure from “below” will help you to find back into an upright position.

    Nice move at least to release the funds – there are many people out there who were less lucky and never again have seen a penny of their frozen accounts…

  2. Dear Paypal, I’m very glad to learn this wonderful news. I take advantage of this opportunity and would suggest you to continue your good job of screening some other websites’ legality, like those of the KKK for exemple…

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