Operation W.T.F.

The CIA has launched a new task force to assess the impact of Cablegate. The Wikileaks Task Force, apparently termed W.T.F., will focus on media exposure and the repercussions of the newest cable releases.

After Wikileaks published its first batch of classified documents, CIA spokesperson George Little had claimed that the CIA was “unconcerned” about the Wikileaks disclosures. Conversely, on November 8, the following press release emerged:

When information about our intelligence, our people, or our operations appears in the media, it does incredible damage to our nation’s security and our ability to do our job of protecting the nation.

It seems it was only a matter of time before Little would announce the emergence of a team devoted entirely to the leaks. At present, WTF is taking inventory of all CIA-related information categorized as “classified” but its focus will be that of ascertaining the potential damage to foreign relations that may have been caused by Cablegate leaks.


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One thought on “Operation W.T.F.

  1. I worked with many international task forces during war. they were: incompetent, scared, lost and in panic….and wrote reports filled with prejudice…and spent huge amounts of money for “operations”.
    now we have operation W.T.F.! look like they are lost and in panic again……..
    and “W.T.F.”?!, ma dajte, molim vas, stvarno ste smjesni ….I can not read without smile on my face…thank you, thank you funny americans…you make my day :-)))))))

    Irma, Zagreb, Croatia

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