Open letter to the Australian people from Christine Assange

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*Open letter to the Australian people from Christine Assange – mother of
Julian Assange*

There have been many public statements made about WikiLeaks and its
editor-in-chief Julian Assange that are factually inaccurate.

For example, Prime Minister Julia Gillard: “It’s illegal.” Attorney General
Nicola Roxon: “He fled Sweden” and the media generally: “Assange is
charged/facing charges” (in relation to Swedish sex allegations).

Some of these inaccurate statements are due to misinformation, but others
are designed to smear Julian, to erode his public support and to discredit
WikiLeaks to present the further publishing of uncomfortable truths.

Many Australians including leading lawyers, academics and journalists
believe WikiLeaks is a legitimate, ethical and courageous media
organisation, and that Julian is an innocent man; a political prisoner
persecuted for exposing the US Government and its big corporations for the
complicity in war crimes, fraud and corruption, exploitation of the third
world, bullying and diplomatic manipulation in other countries, lying to
the public and other shady dealings.

They were appalled as the Australian Government stood by in silence as
furious US politicians and commentators called for the brutal murder of my
son. They stood silent when Julian’s personal bank accounts were frozen and
the US Government cut off 95 per cent of WikiLeaks funding by pressuring
credit card companies to refuse to process voluntary donations (this was
despite the fact that the US Treasury stated there was no reason to
blacklist WikiLeaks).

They are deeply concerned that the Government refuses to protest against
the many documented abuses of Julian’s legal and human rights in the
Swedish extradition case or his right to a fair legal process in an
imminent US extradition application.

Moreover, many feel his treatment signifies other wider concerns that the
Australian Government has become an echo chamber of the US Government and
US big business, which is increasingly dictating Australian policy and new
legislation against the interests of Australian security, the privacy and
civil rights of Australian citizens, Australian businesses and Australian

I implore you as a mother and urge you as an Australian citizen to look at
the facts I have listed below and to make up your own mind.

Included at the end are links to more factual information, what we are
asking the Australian Government to do to protect Julian and some actions
you may take to support Julian’s right to justice.

Thanking you,

Christine Assange

[email protected]


*PLEASE NOTE: Julian has not been charged by Sweden regarding the sex
allegations, or by any other country in the world in relation to his work
at WikiLeaks.*


• WikiLeaks is a not-for-profit legally-constituted online news publisher
which is funded by voluntary donations and has been recognised for quality
investigative journalism, with many prestigious international journalism
and human rights awards (wikipedia).

a) *Sam Adams Award 2010* Julian Assange was unanimously awarded to Julian
Assange for “Integrity and Intelligence” for the release of the Afghan War
Diaries and Iraq war logs by a panel of senior US military and intelligence
officers (ret.). Awards ceremony: “It has been said that: ‘You shall know
the truth and the truth shall set you free.’ WikiLeaks is helping make that
possible by publishing documents that do not lie.”

b) *2011 Walkley Award for Excellence in Journalism* “Today journalists and
editors around the world are concerned about the attacks on WikiLeaks. This
is an issue of the freedom of the press, people have a right to information
through the opportunities provided by the web, journalists remain ready to
fight for the principle of exposure journalism…. His organisation has done
nothing more than hold Governments to account and we should stand by him
and his right to do so”.

• WikiLeaks acts in accordance with traditional journalism. It publishes
information given by various sources but protects its sources with a secure
anonymous dropbox.

• WikiLeaks redacts its documents, so to date not one person has been
physically harmed by its publications.

• WikiLeaks has a perfect record with information reliability. No
Government has denied authenticity of any documents.

*Swedish Sex Allegations and the Swedish Extradition Case*

• After the Afghan War Diary release 25/7/10 Julian visited Sweden to
obtain residency and base WikiLeaks there because of the good
whistleblowing laws. The US was aware of more WikiLeaks releases to come
and wrote threatening letters. Julian was warned of entrapment plans.

• Woman A.A. invited Julian to speak in Sweden at a seminar about
Afghanistan in mid-August 2010. Woman S.W. stated she went to the seminar
to meet Julian. Both women have stated to the police and media that sex was
consensual and non-violent. Exculpatory evidence (texts to friends) show
women had no complaints regarding sex until finding out about each other
and 100+ texts between A.A. and S.W. speak of revenge, making money and
ruining Julian’s reputation by going to the press.

• Woman S.W. was so upset police were going to allege rape she does not
finish her interview or sign her witness statement, which was then altered
again without her consent. She stated she felt railroaded into making a

• *In Sweden, consensual non-violent sex can be legally defined as rape. *

• Contrary to Swedish police procedure the women’s interviews were not
video or audio taped and the first prosecutor, Maria Haljebo-Kjellstrand,
unlawfully told the press Julian was wanted for rape. Julian was not
interviewed or informed he found out in the tabloid newspaper Expressen
that he was, “Being hunted down for double rape”. Within hours, there were
millions of website hits for Assange plus rape, causing irreparable harm to
Julian’s reputation.

• The next day after reviewing the file, Stockholm’s chief prosecutor Eva
Finne threw out the rape allegation. “I consider there are no grounds for
suspecting he has committed rape,” she said.

• For the last three years, the political advisor to the Swedish Prime
Minister has been Karl Rove, a notorious, disgraced former Bush
administration advisor who orchestrated vicious smear campaigns against
political opponents. Karl Rove is a personal friend of the Swedish Prime
Minister Fredrick Reinfeldt and of the Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt.

• Sweden has close ties to the US and was the major arms supplier to the
US-Iraq War.

• Around a week after the dropping of the rape allegation by the chief
prosecutor, a politician/lawyer named Claes Borgstrom appealed the
decision. Claes Borgstrom and his business partner Thomas Bodstrom run a
thriving legal practice based on representing claimants in sex cases.

• Woman A.A., Irmeli Krans (interrogating police officer of woman S.W.) and
both Borgstrom and Bodtsrom are members of the Swedish Social Democrat
Party. They all stood together for elections at the same time, one month
after the sex allegations were made against Julian, with one of the
platforms being widening the definition of rape within consensual sex.

• Woman A.A. produced new evidence for the appeal. She submitted a condom
which she states Julian tore deliberately. Forensic tests showed there was
no DNA evidence in the condom from either Julian or herself.

• Julian was not informed of the appeal and had no chance to make a
submission the appeal was successful.

*Julian Did Not Flee Sweden*

1) He remained in Sweden for five weeks seeking an interview with the new
prosecutor Marianne Ny. She made excuses not to interview him and gave him
permission to leave Sweden for business on September 15th (meeting with
Cablegate media partners). He offered to fly back into Sweden for interview
on October 9 or 10. Ny refused because it was a weekend. He offered to fly
back on October 11th Ny refused because it was too far away.

2) During October and November Julian stayed at the journalist’s club in
the UK preparing for the release of the US diplomatic cables (Cablegate).
During this period, he offered to be interviewed by Marianne Ny via the
normal protocol for this situation called Mutual Legal Assistance, (MLA),
(via Skype, phone or videolink), Marianne Ny refused all offers.

• Around the time of the release of Cablegate in late November, Marianne Ny
issued a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) for questioning stating that Julian
had fled the country and a public Interpol Red Notice for his arrest.

• For the entire 16 months that Julian has been under house arrest in the
UK, Marianne Ny has refused all his offers to be interviewed at the Swedish
Embassy or in Scotland Yard.

• Marianne Ny has misled the Swedish and UK public by stating that she was
legally not allowed to interview Julian by mutual legal assistance or in
the UK. Sweden is a signatory to MLA.

• *Many legal people investigating the case are of the opinion that the
Swedish extradition case is not bona fide but merely a holding case
awaiting a US extradition.*

*The European Arrest Warrant*

• The European arrest warrant is only supposed to be issued for prosecution
not for questioning. Under the terms of the European Arrest Warrant, no
allegations can be tested (including the sex allegations against Julian).

• The European Arrest Warrant was initially meant for the fast-track
extradition of bona-fide terrorists but has been misused. It has been
subject to much criticism since its inception as it results in the abuse of
many citizens legal and human rights (1000 people a month extradited from
the UK).

*The Supreme Court Appeal*

• Julian is appealing the UK High Court’s decision to extradite him in the
only way he can, not on the evidence of the allegations but on a point of
law of public importance. This point of law refers to the fact that a
police prosecutor is not a judicial authority and that there is a conflict
of interest in a prosecutor having the final say in the issuing of a
European Arrest Warrant. Marianne Ny acted as both prosecutor and judicial
authority on the issue of the European Arrest Warrant for Julian.

• If Julian loses the Supreme Court appeal he will be sent to Sweden in ten

• If Julian wins the appeal he is free to return home to Australia, unless
the US immediately applies for a US extradition from the UK before he has a
chance to leave.

*What Happens If Julian Goes To Sweden*

• There is no bail in Sweden for foreigners and he will be held in
indefinite detention in a Swedish remand prison incommunicado except to
Swedish lawyers and in solitary confinement.

• If and when the case proceeds to trial he will be tried in secret (no
media or observers) by four judges. Three of the four judges will be “lay”
judges, that is, they have no legal training and are appointed by political

• The other alternative is that the US will immediately unseal its Grand
Jury indictment against Julian and from any point that he arrives in Sweden
he could be extradited to the US. Many people falsely believe that the UK
would have to sign off on an onward extradition to the US. This is true, if
it is by way of a normal European extradition. However, under a separate
US/Swedish Bilateral Treaty, Julian can be legally rendered to the US via a
component of that treaty called the Temporary Surrender Regime. This is a
secret, fast-track, no-test rendition.

*What Happens If the US Applies for an Extradition From the UK*

• The extradition hearing will be public and take longer, but the UK/US
treaty is unbalanced, that while a prima facie case (evidence) is required
to extradite a person from the US to the UK, no prima facie (evidence) is
required to extradite a person from the UK to the US. So any allegations
that the US is making about Julian cannot be tested prior to extradition.

*The US Grand Jury Indictment*

• The US Grand Jury has been sitting for 16 months and it is believed to
have reached a verdict to indict Julian and has a sealed subpoena ready to
unseal at the most beneficial time to the US. The Grand Jury is a flawed,
unjust legal process, consisting of four prosecutors but no defence
evidence is allowed. There is no judge and the jury pool is drawn from
Alexandria, Virginia which has the highest percentage of military
contractor families in the US.

*The Trial of Bradley Manning *

• Private Bradley Manning, the whistleblower, who is alleged to have
provided the US documents to the WikiLeaks dropbox has been held in a US
military prison for the last two years without trial. The last straw for
Bradley Manning was when he was asked to arrest 15 Iraqi civilian
protesters and to send them to the Iraqi police for torture. Their “crime”
was to hand out flyers upon which was writhed “Where has the money gone?”
referring to rorting by contractors involving post-war construction. When
he expressed his concern that this was unethical behaviour for a US soldier
he was told to “shut up and go and get 15 more”.

Bradley Manning has been subjected to ongoing no-touch torture in an
attempt to break him so that he will falsely incriminate Julian in criminal
conspiracy. This is because under the First Amendment to the American
Constitution Julian, as a journalist, is protected – even when publishing
classified government documents.

*What Happens If Julian Is Extradited to the US *

* *• Due to recent changes in legislation, namely NDAA (National Defence
Authorisation Act) Julian can now be held in indefinite detention without
trial in a US military prison. It is likely that he will be subject to
torture – “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques”.

• Julian has also been informed that he will be “suicided”.

*What Do We What The Australian Government To Do?*

1) Demand that Britain and the UK sign *Humanitarian Guarantees* that
Julian will not be extradited to the UK, on the grounds that:

a) He would be a political prisoner (this is not allowed under the European

b) There is no fair legal process, either via the obtaining of the Grand
Jury indictment or via a US extradition process from Sweden or the UK.

2) He be *granted bail* if he is extradited to Sweden, as he has not
breached any bail conditions under house arrest in UK.

3) If the sex allegations proceed to trial that they be run in an *open
court* (with media and observers present).

4) At the conclusion of proceedings in Sweden, Julian is *immediately
repatriated home to Australia*.

5) Demand that the US Government respect the ANZUS Alliance and Australian
sovereignty and not pursue a US extradition warrant in the US, UK or Sweden.

*How You Can Help*

1) *Email this letter* to your contacts, to journalists, to union
secretaries, to MPs etc.

2) *Stay informed* by following the case at or follow
me on @assangec on twitter or @wikileaks.

3) *Spread the truth* and the facts of the case – call talkback radio,
write letters to the editor, comments on online articles, talk to your
colleagues around the water cooler (or water tank for country people), put
up posters, hand out flyers available from @SomersetBean.

4) *Contact your MP* with the facts and your concerns and ask for an
appointment, take a letter to give to him or her and forward a copy to
their party leader.

5) *Join an existing WikiLeaks or Support Julian Assange support group*,
start your own or work alone

– Australian Support Groups

– Australian WikiLeaks Citizens’ Alliance (akaWACA)
[email protected](Melbourne)

– Support Assange and WikiLeaks Coalition (SAWC) [email protected] (Sydney)

– These two groups can direct you to other support action groups around

6) *Donate* to the WikiLeaks defence fund, or

7) *Protest*. Join protest rallies – the day after the *Supreme Court
decision, May 31st. Rallies will be held outside Department of Foreign
Affairs Offices (DFAT) in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. If you
cannot get to a DFAT office rally outside MP offices (Newcastle and
Townsville have organised rallies). If you cannot get physically to a rally
email Senator Bob Carr *(Foreign Minister) and *Nicola Roxon* (Attorney
General) *and your MP or raise the issue publicly in some way on the day,
ie talkback radio.*

*Links to Further Information*

* *1) *Simple factual timeline* and talking points of Swedish extradition: (by Christine Assange).

2) *Briefings to MPs* at parliament on the Swedish extradition 2/3/2011

• (simple, concise legal brief by Jennifer
Robinson, Julian’s UK lawyer)

• (briefing by Peter Kemp Supreme Court solicitor)

(briefing by Tony Kevin ex-DFAT diplomat and ambassador)

3) *Extensive database* on facts, issues and contacts for journalists on
Assange extradition,

*Important Reading*

1) Naomi Wolf, leading US feminist has condemned the Swedish extradition as
“That is not the state embracing feminism. That is the state pimping

Articles: *J’Accuse: Sweden, Britain and Interpol Insult Rape Victims
Worldwide* 13/12/10 Huffington Post

* Karl Rove, Sweden and the Eight Aberrations in the Police Sex Crime
Reporting Process in the Assange Case**.* Link:

2)* ** **Rape Cannot Be Disentangled From the Wider Campaign for
Justice**.*Women Against Rape, UK: Letter to The Guardian, 8/2/10 by
Katrin Axelsson

*Food for thought*

Many of us are concerned about world poverty, environmental disasters and
the economic crisis. WikiLeaks exposes the causes of these problems, the
facts thus enabling us to find real solutions.

When whistleblowers are being labelled as traitors, journalists as enemy
combatants and peaceful, protesting citizens as terrorists, who now can be
arrested without warrant and detained indefinitely, as is being currently
done on the US, most people agree with prominent US feminist Naomi Wolf
that the US has become a police state.

Unlike Prime Minister Gillard, many in Australia believe that we do not
want to have *these* shared values.

In regard to the ANZUS Alliance, Australians do not want to transition from
being a colony of the UK to being the 51st state of the United States.

We want a government that will transition us to true independence.  If we
are such good friends of the US, as the Australian Government purports us
to be, we should be able to be equal partners in ANZUS and from
time-to-time state that we disagree with US policy.

*Note to Australian MPs:* If you are a Federal MP please do the morally
right thing regardless of your leader’s position and stand up for
Australian journalist Julian Assange. Ask yourself, how you would like
history and your grandchildren to remember you?

*Australia for Australians.*

*UPDATE… More “Coincidences” in the Assange Case: *

1) Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, shall be visiting Sweden four
days after the Supreme Court decision. Carl Bildt, the Swedish foreign
minister tweeted his happiness at the visit and noted it had been a very
long time since such a bilateral visit.

2) Just days after the UK Supreme Court decisions is the Queen’s Jubilee
celebrations, which will suppress media attention on the outcome.,11662.0.html#msg34525


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