One Tin Soldier Rides Away

A music group called Coven performed a song called, “One Tin Soldier Rides Away.”  The song talks about sending your children off to war – or going to war yourself – and doing so for your neighbor and in the name of Heaven.

Throughout history, we have sent our children and men – and now women off to war to fight for freedom.  All nations have fought for their right to live in the ways that they choose.  Wars have been going on for thousands of years.  Every religion on Earth has war written in it’s text and some religions even support war.  We have went to war over material things such as oil and land.  We have went to war over the very religions in which we practice today.  Life has been about fighting for our freedoms – even in communistic societies – war has been fought so that each nation can have the freedom to be communistic or democratic – whatever they choose.  We always fight and there is always blood on the ground after.  There are grieving mothers and fathers – sisters and brothers.

With the exposure of our governments in the media right now thanks to Wikileaks, Assange, and other sources – we have began to realize that information is powerful.  Information is so powerful that it’s beginning to open up a new era of warfare.  The US has even went so far as to engage in the incitement of murder (of Julian Assange) for what: Spreading information.

We, the people, have witnessed a new revolutionary turn.  We are in the age of technology – of information.  We have all seen the beginnings of a new form of war: Cyberwar, Hactivism, Ddos attacks.  And it’s only the tip of the iceburg.  There will be more attacks and there will be more people willing to join forces in the cyber world.  Governments will begin massing armies in the new battlefield: The internet.

In years to come, we may see new strategies put in place by world governments.  Perhaps we can end the blood shed and go after what seems to be more important: information.  It will be a war of information – a war fought in cyberland.  This is, of course going to cause consequences to all aspects of our lives.  There will more than likely be changes to “the last free frontier – the internet.”  There are some ways in which this could turn.  Governments could clamp down on their citizens and take the internet as we know it today away – or they could simply create a new “internet” for governments only.  They could restrict access of it’s citizens as we see being done in the US with the Net Neutrality Act.  There is a new idea of “clouding” where all of the things that you save will be saved to a “cloud” so to speak, which makes it very easy for governments to access other people’s information.  This means that the internet will be free, but our privacy will be null in void.

The governments will no doubt use keywording to find out what you and I are doing on the internet so that they can clamp down on us.  If warfare goes cyber – then this could mean a few different things for citizens like you and I – and for people like Julian Assange who have taken the last fringes of the free frontier and used them to their and our benefit.  No doubt that what Assange and Wikileaks have done is so important – but it’s also telling the governments of the world that either they need to change what they are doing – change how they save information about what they are doing – or change everyone else.  Unfortunately, history will show us that they are not about to change unless forced.  Instead – because they think they hold all the power, they try to change the people.  We can see this right now with the Welfare and Nanny states of several countries.  This is nothing more than a ploy to detract people away from the corruption in which world governments wallow in.

So Coven’s song “One Tin Soldier Rides Away” seems appropriate here.  The tin would be our computer while we are the operator of that tin computer.  And the best part about it is that we will be riding away without having any blood on the ground.  There will of course be other consequences and ramifications – but no lives will be lost in the face of physical war.  This could be a new revolutionary age of war – and if that is the case, we will always need people like Julian Assange and Wikileaks – and there always will be people like them as long as there are soldiers like you and I who continue to spread the information.  Never give up…and remember, you are a soldier.  You are a soldier on behalf of the people – and you are not spilling blood to support the cause!

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