Norwegian company blocking Wikileaks.

Teller ordered by Visa to stop the flow of money to the Whistleblowing site.
WikiLeaks has previously had the flow of money stopped by Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and Bank of America.

Payment giants have refused to convey card payment to the prolific and controversial alerts page, which lives off donations from volunteers.

Now the Norwegian-Danish finance company Teller also stopped transfers to WikiLeaks,
according to the newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN). There appears to be a boycott taking place without there being evidence that the site has done nothing illegal.

– The usual routine
Norwegian Teller, a part of the financial giant Nets (BBS) says to that “it is routine to close the transfers when it is suspected that a merchant acts in contravention of card companies’ rules. ”

– investigation is still ongoing, and we can not say anything about the duration of the suspension. We are waiting for the conclusion, “said press officer in the Counter Anders Bigseth to

According to DN, it was Visa Europe who ordered Teller to close down payment transfers to WikiLeaks “to protect the Visa brand. ”

– We in Teller, as card acquirer must ensure that our merchants acting in accordance with the rules of the Visa, but Visa Europe also make a special examination, “Bigseth.

– Can you prove that WikiLeaks has done something illegal?

– The conclusions of the investigations will confirm whether the payments are in line with Visa’s regulations or not. That is what is decisive in this matter, “said Bigseth.

On the spur of the moment Teller can not indicate which of the rules can be broken.

– We’ll possibly get back to the conclusions after the investigation is finished, “he said.

In practice, the Icelandic payment provider Data Cell is being blocked. From this autumn, they have handled the donations to WikiLeaks, and then transferred the money to his company WikiLeaks Sunshine Press in Iceland.

Data Cell now alerts lawsuits.

– The lawsuit will be filed before Christmas Eve. The WikiLeaks has been exposed to the counter, is indescribable, “says founder Olafur Sigvinsson to DN.


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