NITV scoops Julian Assange interview

By David Knox on October 11, 2012

Indigenous TV channel NITV has scooped what TEN and others have been unable to land: an interview with Julian Assange.

NITV News will broadcast an exclusive interview with Assange, which follows from him receiving an Aboriginal Nations passport.

Canberra correspondent and NITV Political journalist Jeremy Geia is given exclusive access to Julian Assange and talks openly about Julian’s Indigenous perspective.

For the first time Julian Assange will address what he thinks are serious flaws in the Australian Government’s dealings with Indigenous Australians and talks about the potential threats to Indigenous peoples world-wide based on the thousands of diplomatic cables Wiki leaks and his support for Aboriginal sovereignty.

NITV News tonight 11 October from 5.30pm AEDT, 4.30 AEST, 5pm ACDT, 4pm ACST, 2.30pm AWST on NITV.

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