New Inquisition, new keywords

In the Middle Ages there was no google search but they were keywords like HERETIC. If someone was accused of being a heretic The Inquisition then could do with him whatever kind of aberrations he wanted: They could imprison him with no rights and they could torture him to die.

At that time there was no democracy, but there were social rules anyway. Governors only could break those rules under exceptional circumstances, they looked for ways to excuse their cruel behaviors, they just coudn’t go killing and tortuting people like that without a justification: heretic was a justification, a wordkey.

What has changed since then?. I’ts true we are living in a democrary with written rights. It would be more fair If those rules were really the same to everybody but there are ways to make people not deserving the protection of the system and so to throw them away from it. There are also keywords for that: comunist a few years ago has been substituted by terrorist since 11th September. Whoever is called that , doesn’t deserve the protection of the system. Who ever, country, person, can be attacked , torture, imprison with no rights: Guantánamo, Irak, Iran, Afganistan, etc.

Now they are saying Assange is a terrorist. They want to dehumanize him in order to throw him out from the system. I don’t like that, I really thing those people who are againts the free of Knowledge are the real terrorist and they should be judge and condemned under fair rules, cause I believed in rules when they are accomplished for all just the same. Go to prison, you terrorist, who have invented an argument to kill people (innocent children) with the only aim of being more powerfull. YOU ARE THE TERRORIST, NOT ASSANGE.

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3 thoughts on “New Inquisition, new keywords

  1. Exactly. Words have changed, but minds are the same.

    COMMUNIST is still in! The Arizona shooter read Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf, says CNN (he is a poor, sick boy who could buy a gun because the system let him; that’s how that despicable tragedy occured, he’s no communist, but still… the keyword is there! Sheep will follow.)

  2. I am horrified and have been speechless until now, watching this case evolving .The treatment of Wikileak and
    Julian must be protested against, I do not understand why so many are silent!

  3. There so many temptations in our lives, but we must stay human.When you lose your humanness you lost everything. Some people in governments forget that…they are not human beings any more. Sadly, it’s so tragic.

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