Never Was There A Time…

There never was a time more important than now in the history of the world.  The information age has come upon us and we are now seeing a new reality spring forth into our daily lives – through each and every one of our senses.  On the internet, you can do everything but smell – and I’m pretty sure that will be something invented sooner or later.

What Julian Assange has done, is give the world a gift.  We have our religions and we have our morals – we adhere to strict principles and values.  What we don’t have however, is integrity.  Julian Assange gave the world a chance to add yet another thing to our lives – and we are either going to take advantage of that gift or we are going to throw it away.  Not only has Assange given us this gift – but he has enabled us to be sovereign about it.  It allowed us to have the choice.

What is your choice then?  Take accountability for your actions and hold yourself up to high standards – OR – cowl down in a corner and be ashamed of yourself and your government.

Julian supports the first choice – and so do I.  What is YOUR choice?

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