Never hand over your right to get the valid information

It is not that this problem did not exist for ages, but since the world of communicating the ideas and information is evolving so vehemently that it is getting harder and harder to stay au courant, we find ourselves in risk of being mislead more easily than in any other time in known history. Apparently, to get the hull scope on some issue one has to comb many sources and possess plenty of time. But if one is searching for the truth, it pays off.

I have always thought that limiting oneself to accessing the information solely in your mother tongue is confining and with larger view – dangerous. What the whole WikiLeaks affair has shown in recent couple of months is that people’s ignorance is truly blessing for those in power. With reports of abuse of WikiLeaks name in media in Croatia, censored cables in Great Britain’s respected newspaper, awfully scarce and sometimes intentionally misleading information in Russia’s media, WikiLeaks hoax in Pakistan’s media all pointing out to the fact that relying on single source of information is by no means justified.

I cannot imagine what would my world be if watched and read mainstream media. Presumably, my perception of WikiLeaks would be as of tabloid edition, releasing savoury details about politicians view of each other and even more savoury reviews of  Gaddafi blond nurse and Berlusconi’s hot nights with under age girls. As for Assange himself, well, he is a rapist, isn’t he. Moreover, two rapes in short period if time. Wow, and this sexist dares to talk to us about some transparency and accountability crisis on a global level. If you think that this is a simplistic picture, you a partly wrong. It is such in societies, where people are not educated, interested or driven enough to look deeper into the matter.

The real problem for non English-speaking censored societies is inability to access the original information or the larger scope of it, since the large number of people does not have good command of English. The Babylon is to blame, obviously. But in a modern world, if you want to be well informed, you have to do your best and educate yourself. I wonder, whether the recent educational budget cuts in Europe are not aimed to limit the potential number of people, able to have a critical view on the systems of governance and environment and successfully challenge them.

I wish more people were aware of the fact that handing over the right to know by adhering to limited number of sources, especially, if these stem from censored societies, would keep them in confined in the state of mind close to medieval darkness.

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2 thoughts on “Never hand over your right to get the valid information

  1. Very nice Kaetziro, I like ti
    not only that you need to educate yourself, you have to be some kind of explorer…adventurer…addicted to adrenalin. most of the people are not like that and they just look as ignorant, but finaly they care. I do not blame them. Look what happened to Julian, virtual become physical. Somehow it is scary.

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