Nabeel Rajab Arrested: ‘The World Tomorrow’ Episode 4: Egypt & Bahrain

Updated Press Release – Mon May 7 2012

Tuesday 8 May, 12:30 PM London time

The Bahraini activist, Nabeel Rajab, has been subject to legal harrassment in retaliation for his activities as a protest leader in Bahrain. On Saturday, 5th of May, Rajab was arrested by plain clothes policemen at Manama airport. He was returning from Lebanon, where according to the spokespeople from the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, he had been meeting with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. On Sunday he appeared in court on charges of taking part in “in illegal assembly and calling others to join.” The Bahrain interior ministry has stated that Rajab was under arrest “for committing a number of crimes punishable by law.”

Nabeel Rajab appears as a guest on the fourth episode of “The World Tomorrow,” which is to be broadcast on Tuesday 8th of May, at 12:30 London time. The episode is an interview between Julian Assange, who has been under house arrest without charge for over 500 days, and two leading Arab revolutionaries in the middle of conflict: Alaa Abd El-Fattah from Egypt and Nabeel Rajab from Bahrain. The episode will air thoughout Tuesday in English, Spanish, Arabic, Italian and Russian, starting from 12:30 PM London time, 7:30 AM (New York), 13.30 PM (Rome), 15:30 PM (Moscow) and 9:30 PM (Sydney/Melbourne). RT will air the episode 12 times on Tuesday on its international cable network which covers over 430 million subscribers, including 53 million in the United States on Comcast and Warner.

The show will be aired in Italian by L’Espresso Group in Italy. The episode will be available online immediately after broadcasting. Transcripts and URLs will be available at

At the time of the interview all three participants were in the middle of serious legal and political attacks.  Assange notes, “When this show was filmed, Nabeel Rajab was free. When it is broadcast, he will be in detention. In the show, he told me that he fully expected to pay a high price for his work in Bahrain. The 4th of May proved him right. It will be interesting to see what the government of Bahrain does in reaction to what he has to say.”

More information about the programme and inquiries into licensing should be made via the show’s website:

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Nabeel Rajab
Alaa Adb el-Fattah

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