Mobius Strips in Public!

Julian’s message is the mobius strip of the world right now.  There will be no end.  We can do anything we want to Julian, but his voice will ring clear for thousands of years to come.

What Julian Assange has done, has transformed the world forever, and there is no stopping what the bell has rung.  In fact – Julian’s bell is a special type of bell – the Mobius Bell.  The ringing will be heard against any force that tries to stop it.

If one were to walk into history a thousand years from now, they will still be thanking Julian Assange for his battle against the world – to free those who’s voices are never heard by those in authority.  Now is the time for the world to accept change – no matter how badly they fear the consequences.  If one man can ring the Mobius Bell – than thousands upon thousands can as well – if they only let themselves.  Julian Assange has rung the bell – how many of you will ring it as well?

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