Messages of support for Julian Assange- final day

 Over the past few weeks I have been collecting messages of support  for Julian Assange. Your words have been lovingly pasted into a book which  will be delivered  tomorrow morning to the Ecuador Embassy in London where Julian remains. You can find out more about this project here.


Many thanks to all of you who have taken the time to send in your words of encouragement. WikiLeaks have some wonderful friends.



Here are today’s messages:


Dear Julian Assange

Firstly, thank you for all you have done for transparency and openness and awakening a generation to what’s been going on.  Please hold steady no matter what happens, we believe in you and what you are doing no matter what the stinking trolls say.  I know you are one to travel and you are a free bird, but while you are at the embassy remember you are free within.  Turn inward and use your spirit and imagination for your freedom.  Inside we are limitless so don’t despair I know it must be hard for you.  You have an inner life and access to the world through the web.  You can do it, we are with you.




Dear Julian,

I don’t want to tell you the importance of your restless work. Everybody knows it! I want to tell you why I believe in you. When I read about your childhood in Magnetic Island and the special way your mother Christine recalled the past, the good time. When I saw the photographic portrait of you as a child with Possum, then I realized that you’ve had a wonderful life! That curious, lovely, sincere child is still alive inside of you. Don’t never give up him! He will give you the strength of mind. Don’t give up Magnetic Island!


Clelia Albano, Italy



Julian, be strong.




Hello Julian,

May you stay healthy and able to maintain the courage, determination and the audacity that inspire so many and have me so often in awe. We care about you a whole lot.

Sincere best wishes,

– issylvia



I simply wanted to say that I, personally, stand by you Julian Assange, Wikileaks, and Bradley Manning. The “legal” procedures they are throwing at all three of you are outrageous, unconstitutional, and appalling. I sincerely hope that you, Assange, will find a way to extract yourself from the UK and return to Wikileaks. I hope I don’t read the newspaper one day to find you mysteriously dead, because those are the forces we are unfortunately up against as truthseekers, intellectuals, and anti-establishment activists. And regarding Bradley Manning, he is a man carved from rock; unbroken, he has withstood the torture our Marines have carried out in the name of “national security” and “Manning’s mental health.” You should feel supremely fortunate to have such a solid, immovable supporter.

Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Bradley Manning; I stand by you. In all your endeavors, may the government shudder in your wake.

Lauren Nichols



Hi Julian

A whole bunch of us here on the North Coast are sending big hugs and massive thanks for your bravery in continually exposing the cold hard truths of global politics.  Your exploits are legendary and we (amongst thousands of others) love you and support you all the way.  Just wish you could come home..


Stay strong.  As Ned Kelly once said…  “Surrender be buggered”.   ”A day will come in a bigger court than this when we will see who is right or wrong’.

We support your democratic right to keep on revealing the truth.  All power to you.


Kind Regards (and a medal pinned to your chest)


Benny, Bazza, Shazza, Dazza, Maz, Gaz, Azo, Deano, Beans, Smick, Dick, Dink and Mullet




A life size statue might have to do until we can see you safely home in the flesh.

We’re working on it..





Your courage is inspiring! Jim Leonard





I just want to say that you are example  that one people can make big changes in world.

Best wishes, sintija.



When Vasco da Gama reached the Indian Ocean in 1492 during a terrible storm he shouted to his desperate ship team: “Go on guys, dont you see, the Ocean is trembling with fear!” –




well hello


suppose u must have time to sit around and read emails from complete strangers


so….ahhhh, we’ll…if u do read it…or if is deleted by some “volunteer”


what a lot of bad luck you’ve had with them


such a shame.


well…I made some videos once that some people in Tunisia really liked


they could n’t get into the WL sites…as you recall it was getting DDoS’ed not too dissimilar as recent events


and the government in Tunisia had some constraints put on the interbutz for a while…u know


so in a small sorta way the videos showed ppl there exactly what the cables were about.


and that the rumours they had heard for years were all true


expats were ones also sending translated stuff in as ppl all around the world ,….amazing…no words


like most things its lots of little tiny ppl doing stuff that makes the big things happen.


so …South America will be interesting, needless to say if it doesn’t come off…you’re not totally without options


I’m sure the Spanish guy has told u


pretty sure it works out


anyhow…u enjoy the Olympics and we’ll see u soon


Virgil Hesse





Life is filled with crossroads, I always personally suspected the corruption and straight up evil your foundation exposed, people used to think I was crazy, conspiracy ect, My dad and I used to get into fights, talking about stuff, people get comfortable not knowing things, they squeeze thier eyes shut and hope when they open them whatever they were scared of is gone.


My dad finally accepts that our governments quite often are not on the side of the people whom they are supposed to be serving now, I would like to thank you for bringing to light the truth, stay strong keep your head up knowing there are not just millions, but billions of people behind you supporting both yourself and your very worthy cause, the people are waking up one by one, and its starting to snowball, people are talking and coming together and working as a team, and your organization has been a huge part of this, it will probably end in violence as do all of humanities greatest steps forward, but its just blood and lives, we pave the road forward with them thru the ages for our children and future generations to tread on.


You have inspired and awakened a generation, its said the meek shall inherit the earth, we are not that meek, we are good kind people most of us, it gets mistaken for weakness when in fact it is strength, you are not alone, you are never alone so long as the rest of us are here.


The world is watching and listening, they will have to kill us all before they put us back in the dark.


Christopher from Canada


Best regards and respect.


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