Messages of support and encouragement for Julian- day two



Over the next few weeks we will be compiling and posting messages of support for Julian. On the 12th August we will take your messages to the Ecuadorian Embassy and make sure Julian receives them.

Send in your message to [email protected] and find out more about this project here.




Faith is the key to all things. You´ll get through.
I´m so sorry my country – Sweden – is in on this.

Lots of love and support.



Dear Julian,

I don’t think many people in the world comprehend the immense sacrifices you are making to make the world a better place. Your work exposes all the world’s wrongs to the court of public opinion.

Keep up the good work and keep the faith.



Dear Julian,

We know it is hard…

We know it is tough…

But we all very well know it is all worth doing what you do…

We all are backing you up with our sincere prayers and wishes to get you back…

I just hope to see you out in the open very soon and fighting the rodents of the society once again…





Julian, you are one of my only living heroes. Sites like Wikileaks and people like you give me hope for the future. Sharing the content on sites like wikileaks and just putting the truth out there about just how corrupt politicians and corporations worldwide really are changes minds, changes hearts, and helps people to realize the truth behind things. And accordingly they vote differently, support different corporations and make necessary changes in their decision making processes to make this world a better place. Thanks you for wikileaks, thank you for standing up against corruption, thank you for what you’ve done for the world. From southern California, with love, Tommy.



 I support everything you and the whole world supports you!  Dont give up!!



Hi Julian

This is the second year I have nominated you as Australian of the year.

You have woken so many to the criminal processes taking place in real time as we watch in disbelief the blatant arrogance of governments that do not follow their own laws.

It’s anything can happen time.

I actively will your freedom.


Warmest Greetings



Through your foresight, courage, and determination you inspire generations to fight for more equitable, transparent and accountable governments. My full support in action and words is yours in the hope that can keep shining the light of true democracy into the dark, dead corners of dishonest institutions.




Hello Julian,

You are a true inspiration to me and many others I know, I am an artist and global citizen. You will be remembered throughout time in the hearts of all those who value the ideals of truth and freedom.

It is understood there are many manipulators of the truth, those specifically employed to discount people like yourself and keep the human sheep stuck in their boxes, not encouraged to speak the truth or think for themselves.  But now is the time to step out of those boxes – there has never been a better time! The only way we can save this beautiful planet is by empowering ourselves with truth, awareness and action.

Thank you for all you do. You are a great man. I wish you all the best on your journey, you are never alone.

The shift has begun, people are starting to wake up, thanks to people like you.





Dear Julian,

It may be unbelievably difficult during this trying time, and though my words of comfort may not be as comfortable as needed, I would like you to know, that the educated and free peoples

of this world truly, appreciate what you are doing and the risks you have taken so that truth may be available to all those who seek it. I think you are wise to avoid going to Sweden as the United States government will undoubtedly try to extradite you to the US for what they unfairly and incorrectly consider “treason”. I think you should stay in the Ecuadorian Embassy and try to work it out to a country where your safety will be guaranteed, and I honestly do think that is possible. I think the USA will NOT be able to get you, and I DO think everything will be OK. You may not believe in a Greater being, and though

my belief in a Higher Deity also contains a clause where this Deity does NOT interfere in the Universe and its workings, I DO believe the Universe does work out in a way where the good are rewarded and the evil punished. I will continue to throw good wishes, prayers and good thoughts your way and we hopeful yet vocal minority of educated and openminded Americans of European Ancestry wish you stay in Europe unharmed, continue to champion for good, justice and truth, and the USA faces the music for what crap it has pulled and continues to pull. God Bless you Julian and all those you love.

You are a good man, a brave man, and a humble man. GOD BLESS YOU & THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE AND BRAVERY.





Dear Julian,

I´m another journalist, from Brazil, and it´s a huge honour to have the chance of writing to you. I´d like to express my full, inconditional support for your incredible bravery and courage.

Thank you for the wealth of knowledge and information we are able to get through Wikileaks. You´re the Time´s Man of the Year, boycotted by Time – which is a sign they have finally found a Man of the year worth the name and ARE SCARED TO HELL (laughs…) It´s a typical sign of pioneers too. The olympic slogan “Inspire a generation” only reminds me 2 persons: you and Bradley Manning. I´ve also been following your interview program and it´s just the greatest.

I laugh over the thick layer of lies published about you. It´s a comedy show. The liars, the corrupt governments and journalists paid for by banks and the wealthy were hit hard… And that´s exactly why I had left journalism: I was fed up with lies, vanity and corruption in the newsrooms. They were just too close to government and the rich because, at that time, there was no other way to get the news!

Now we don´t need them anymore… and they don´t seem to get it… There´s internet, Wikileaks, bloggers, hacktivists. We´re in paradise, but the heroes of this revolution are in hell. So now yes, I wanna be a journalist again to join the ranks. Now it´s fun. Now it is finally CONTROVERSIAL, challenging, fresh. Because now IT FUCKING HURTS!! You made it rock AGAIN!! I´ve been donating whatever I can, and would support you in person if I could.

Don´t stop! No surrender!!




Dear Julian,

As a free woman inspired by your work, determination and positive influence on our society, I can only have admiration for your courage.

Please know that you are an inspiration to our generation and to seekers of justice and freedom worldwide. Your work and example have woken people out of inertia and given them the inspiration and clarity of information needed to change the corrupt, unacceptable global status quo. This movement will not go back to sleep, and will do what it takes to help you regain your own freedom.

Please stay strong in spirit and healthy, supported by the knowledge that the world is waiting for you to return to freedom. That message of liberty reclaimed in the face of such adversity will be tremendous! Our thoughts and resolve are with you.

Many blessings,




Dear Julian,
Thank you.
I am a refugee from a developing country, now living in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. This makes me a person who has experienced first-hand the differences between being poor and being rich, living in an unsafe environment and living in a safe one, having hope and faith in your future and having absolutely none.
Knowing this difference between surviving and living and the mechanisms that are behind it has often paralyzed me with the feeling of powerlessness and a lack of belief in a better future for human kind. Knowing that you are well in a safer place while many of your relatives are still fighting to survive every day is an incredible burden to bear, and having no visible way to change this situation is overwhelmingly frustrating.
I am not alone in experiencing this. There are thousands of us.
This is why you are so important. It is not only the work you do, but your attitude and persistence that gives me hope. You and WikiLeaks have successfully managed to poke at the very core of where all the crap in the world comes from. You have managed to piss off those who piss on others every day and the fact that they use such unconventional means to try to silence you only proves how essential a figure you are.
I have never felt so optimistic or inspired. Even if WikiLeaks for some reason was destroyed today, it has already acheived one of the most important things: showing everyday little people like me that there ARE others who understand what is going on. There ARE othes who want to change things and that we are many, we are passionate and we are prepared. There are millions of us.
What we need now is direction. We need to know how to help in very concrete ways. Not all of us are cypherpunks, not all of us are able to get direct information. We are being blinded and fooled and confused every day because of this gigantic machine that works to keep us that way and we cannot avoid it. We are artists, plumbers and doctors. We are distracted and unable to apply our work in a helpful manner and we lose our motivation. Give us a way to actively support your work and you will have the largest assembly of motivated minds in the world.
Please continue and good luck!



Hello Mr. Assange,

You don’t know me and I don’t know you personally, so it feels kind of weird writing to you. My english is far from perfect, but I assume you can endure it like you endured so many things so many times. But now to the point…

I guess every form of society (monarchy, democracy,…) consists of different stages. First comes the stage of ideals, then the stage of exploitation and then the stage of transition to a new form of society. I believe that we live in the exploitation-phase of a capitalistic democracy full of moral relativism.

And then there is YOU, mister Assange. In my opinion you are the man who could have opened us the way into the transition (if they’d let you), to get rid of the foul and rotten swamp full of leeches that we call economic system. We now live in a world consisting of a few rich people and many poor ones, the words “value” and “price” are synonyms for each other. In a world so far away from reality you taught me that a difference is possible! You taught me that my idealistic views aren’t just plain theory.

It is still a far way to go, and I dont’t think any of us will see the outcome of a movement that was always there, but needed to be woken up by you. As every system, our money-junkie-system will try everything to conservate itself, so that the winners can remain winners. I guess you can feel that very strong right now. I wish you the strength to carry on doing what you do and what many people are too afraid of. You are the voice of the weak, fearful and suppressed, but most of all you are the voice of the fed up people!

Please, mister Assange, please, Julian, don’t forget your anger. A passionate movement needs a certain amount of anger, and passion is the only thing that you can have more of than your enemies.

I may not even be 25, and my words seem unpolished, my beliefs and ideals aren’t very mature, even my statements are maybe too careless, but my anger is pure and will help me evolve my thoughts and actions with reason.

I wish you all the best for your future. I’d like to thank you for your very inspiring fight. I am also VERY thankful for the opportunity to write to you. I will remember you, even if whole countries try to erase you from history, or at least not letting you take an active part in it. I will remember you as the rebel in every single one of us. Only that you had the balls to stand up! And, if you once decide to actually read this text, and maybe even respond to it, you’d make me a very happy man.

Best wishes, and again, thank you, Julian



Dear Mr Assange – Your inner strength, integrity, and grace have been an inspiration. Please know that you have tremendous support as you continue your good work. It is time for Sweden to act honorably and clear your name and for the USA to end this vendetta against you. Be well.

An American supporter in NYC



Dear Julian,

What you have made and what you’re going through, you’re a hero for me and i appreciate your strength. This fight is a fight for freedom, you’re not alone in this cause because around the world you have so many people who know that mass manipulation is trying to put you in jail for something you have made and we can call as Freedom of Speech.I have been aware of Wikileaks since the very beginning and since the moment that you were arrested, i was sure that Americans wanted to put an end to this, because when you put them in doubt and tried to take down the “system” (something they don’t like), they respond as being what they really are, what defines them, controlling the world and specially the information and knowlegde that we can get from Internet, and in this case from Wikileaks and from you. I’m with you in this fight, not with the guys who with lies and manipulation are trying to control what it’s not controllable. Internet means freedom, that’s for sure.

I’m with you mate, thinking about your fighting! Stay strong, and your determination is something that we need to look as an example. Thank you and keep up your fighting, because it’s not just yours, it’s our fight and our future as humanity.



Dear Julian,

Thank you for proving to us how much power one single man can have. I see in your loss, and we most certainly can speak of it as a victory of the mind, that there’s prove for the unbelievable sick way the world is ruled. The day you got prosecuted is the day in history which made clear that there is no freedom available on this planet.

It’s clear to me now that the only meaningful in life is fighting. Everybody is struggling but only a few are fighting.

Thanks for dedicating yourself to the greater good.

Every letter you receive is personal and written with care I hope you gain strength out of it, since history tells us, men of your kind are getting lonely even with the support of hundreds.

Hope you can somehow somewhere enjoy your life.



Dear Julian,

IOU: one revolution. I’m working on paying you back






Inspire a generation and just look where it gets you….

Hang in there Man, don’t give up,

You ‘re our personal Jesus 😛

They can’t bring you down, because  you HAVE the support of the 99%…

and we are behind you 100%

They will not controle us…

Keep spreading the truth!!

wishing the best possible outcome fore you,




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