Messages of support and encouragement for Julian- day three

Over the next few weeks we will be compiling and posting messages of support for Julian. On the 12th August we will take your messages to the Ecuadorian Embassy and make sure Julian receives them.

Send in your message to [email protected] and find out more about this project here.



Dear Julian,

You are my only idol that I have had in my life and it is so easy to see why. Please, don’t give in. Keep fighting; you’re sure to win, and should you fall on hard times, there will be many willing to help fight for you. You are one truly amazing man and I wish you the absolute best.

A true supporter, Reiss.



Hi Julian,

I really hope you get to read all the messages from people across the globe who support you. I am sat here tonight in my house in South Australia, 500kms each way to a major city, yet you are always in our thoughts. As far as I can see you haven’t done anything wrong, and the trumped up charges against you are an embarrassment to anyone with half a brain. I am sorry that you and your family have to endure this. There is nothing I can do to take away the pain you and your family are no doubt going through. Please know that people believe in you, and the truth you stand for. You really are a hero for this century.

With love, respect and much admiration.

The Kerrs




Wow. So hard to put into words all the things I would like to tell you. You have been an inspiration to me and have woken me up from a heavy sleep. Seems we need to nudge the other sleepers just a bit harder. You’re courage has given me a purpose that I would give my life for. I have made that decision knowing the consequences of the actions we may have to take to change things. I’m certain you made that decision long ago.

Let’s hope we can change things before it get to that point. That’s my goal.

I say this in all seriousness, I would still follow you if you weren’t so beautiful. 🙂

It’s your smarts and your conviction that actually wins my heart.

I’ve read enough to know that we’ve had some similar struggles, although mine have not been on the scale as yours. I feel though, that I can relate to you as a person.

And just in case you need a g/f when you get to Ecuador, ring me… Have passport, will travel!




Dear Julian,

I hope from your rooms at the Ecuadorian Embassy that you can see the group of wonderful supporters standing outside, holding a vigil in support of you and your important work. Know that for every one of those able to get to London there are thousands of others standing in solidarity with you in the UK, refusing to ignore the movement you have started and which cannot be reversed.

Whenever I can I talk, write and think about the work you do and the impact it has; I send out postcards with facts about WikiLeaks to random addresses; I write to my MP knowing I will get a thoughtless reply. These are small things, these are important things.

There will be more to come, thank you for this.


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