Messages of support and encouragement for Julian- day thirteen

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Over the next few weeks we will be compiling and posting messages of support for Julian. On the 12th August we will take your messages to the Ecuadorian Embassy and make sure Julian receives them.

Send in your message to [email protected] or post at the forum and find out more about this project here.


Dear Julian,

I want you to know many people support what you have done and are doing,  our hearts and minds are with you. You are an inspiration to the 99%.  Standing up to powerful people, Super Powers, corrupt corporations and banksters can anyone put into words what a courageous thing to do.  I believe the world could be a better place..and it already is because you are here on this planet doing what most of us were afraid to.

You have empowered us to see what needs to be done.

If I were a religious person I would say you are on the side of the angels and God Bless You.

Keep strong, keep safe and stay healthy.  We all need you.


Jean Sievers x  Cyber hugs





I hope you are doing well at the Embassy. I’m sure it must be difficult, especially without the solace of nature. But it will all be worth it, and it’s good that you are safe right now, despite how uncomfortable it may be. If you ever get too down, maybe someone can bring you a copy of “Cancer Ward”. Even though I am in a good situation, I still get depressed at times, and it’s not always easy to remember the positives. But you do have a very strong support base which is constantly fighting for your right to proper justice. Do stay optimistic — we will not rest until you are safe!

I think it was Mr Garzon who commented that you have been acting properly through all judicial proceedings, yet you have been let down by the law. It’s truly admirable for you to continue this way, since you have faced many abuses from multiple legal systems. Hopefully more and more people will begin to see these issues and work towards better justice systems in every country.

Meanwhile, take care of yourself. Work hard, rest when you need to, and hopefully Ecuador will grant you asylum shortly after the Olympics end. I wish I could be out in front of the Embassy supporting you, but it’s wonderful to know that Londoners have been out holding daily vigils.

Stay strong and never give up!





Dear Julian,

I´m here outside and want to tell you, that you have reached my heart.

I began to find back my interest about journalists work and its freedom to publish. I think media is very important in forming peoples mind and not only to get information, also to make up peoples mind that get them acting. So it is the most important thing to build a society. Without freedom of journalists work there is no free society possible.

There for I began to take action. And I think, a lot of other people will do the same. So you are not alone!!

I stand for you and will take part to take action. They never will make this idea silence.

Julian, take care about yourself and never lose trust in other people, also this would not ever be simple, it´s so important for life.

I don´t want you as a hero, I want you to be free to go outside drink coffe and meet people …. or everything else you want to do, without fear, so like everyone else from us, too.

Love, greatings and support from Germany.



Dear Julian,

Thank you. That is really the only thing that needs to be said to you. Thank you for everything that you have done and will continue to do in the future to make this world a better and more transparent place for us all. You are an inspiration to so many of us and if I can make even a fraction of a difference that you have made then I will be happy. As junior at an arts high school in the US and an aspiring journalist, you have greatly influenced me to become involved in FoWL and other like-minded organizations. The cause of government transparency is incredibly important nowadays as my country’s presidential administration is becoming more and more opaque. Julian, please stay strong during this fight. You have so many people behind you and ready to support you no matter what happens. I hope that you are in somewhat good spirits and know just how much your well-being means to us. Once again, I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for our futures.

With love and appreciation,

Emma Louise



Keep fighting the good fight Julian. We are here for you. big love. X



First, I just want to thank you for taking a moment to read through this. I understand you’ve quite a bit on your plate and many of these to read so I am very appreciative for this opportunity.

I am so very grateful for everything you have done to make this world a much better place. This doesn’t limit itself just to what you did with starting Wikileaks to begin with.

This goes back to your working to achieve fair parental rights, for working with police for the safety of children. You do not hesitate to set things right and you do so with a wonderful conscience and a thoughtfulness beyond what many hope to achieve. When I speak of  thoughtfulness it is more than considering others yet this is not abandoned, it is the level and degree of thought placed upon whatever it is you pursue.

I know and fully realize there are those amongst us who work as equally to achieve things just as noble as what you’ve done and continue to. If I had the ability to air my appreciation for them as well I would do so. This isn’t about them however, this is about you.

I can not express just how deeply upset I am for what my government has done to you, to your organization Wikileaks, and in essence to the worlds people. Of course these aren’t the only misdeeds against people both nationally and internationally but we both know this and I’d be sidetracking if I went into all of that.


The actions and words of my government which have spoken out against you and Wikileaks is a mortifying embarrassment not just for myself but for what they are supposed to represent which is life, liberty, and justice for all.

Their behaviors fall short of every one of these and to an extensive degree. They do not represent those very things nor do they represent myself in any way, shape, or form. What they have done is made a complete mockery of out of all the nation, the nations people, and of the world alike. They’ve drawn the line against what is good, right, and true in their own declarations of dismal and disapproval of you and Wikileaks along with those whom support you and your efforts.

What you do, what you stand for and represent are incredible symbols for the potential awaiting what this world truly can be if it so desired. Because of the leaks which are possible due to the many hard working people who share the same ideology of bringing wrongs to light to set these right I no longer have to question whether my not having faith in my leaders is founded. I know those fears are indeed true. And I can see that what they’ve done isn’t only in one facet or another. I get the whole picture.

The mainstream media does not allow for truthful information. Your organization does. I can learn about the atrocities my government or any other entity thinks they can hide from us and I have the ability to speak out against this with valid information to back-up these concerns.

You are an incredible asset to humanity. I long for a time when this world’s filled up with people like minded as you who perceive and seek truth, accountability, responsibility, and stewards of humanity and the planet alike including all its various forms of life. Imagine if you will that I am shaking your hand, patting you on the back, and giving you a great big hug. I want you to know I stand with you, for you, behind you, and beside you. For every wrong done to you is one done to me and to all of us.  I have the upmost respect for you and all that you do and have done.

I can only imagine what you must be going through and I don’t for a moment take what you’ve done for all people for granted. I was stopped recently by several policeman for simply walking to a nearby store. I’d done absolutely nothing wrong and the only thing I was informed of was that I looked suspicious. This is entirely not true. I wore jeans and a tank top and while I have vivid colored hair it sat under a cap. I was alone and playing with my phone. I never did get any kind of straight answer from them and I was worried the entire time what was going to be.

Yet throughout this I thought of you and how this experience paled in comparison to what you’re going through. I thought about what must’ve been running through your mind the moment you learned an arrest was issued for you and then of sitting in the station answering their questions. I wasn’t arrested thankfully and unlike you I can brush aside what took place and move on.

You are not afforded this luxery sadly. I honestly can’t fathom how its gone on this long that you are so vehemently pursued by my government and especially without any other government stepping up to protect you and offer assistance, especially from your own country of residence. I can only be hopeful Equador allows you refuge and asylum from this insanity which has become the worlds attention and concern.

I am so very sorry more than words and expressions will allow for everything you’ve undergone and continue to. I apologize for the insidious unconscionable behaviors of my government towards you. I am remorseful for the flagrant disregard for you as a person and the rights you’re very much entitled to, the travesty which is your mistreatment, the unrelenting harassment and bullying, the intimidation, the manipulation all for which my government is responsible for against you.

I’ve no idea how to right all of this, how to demand this to cease, to force my country to rectify of this. I do the best I can to inform whoever I can, to spread your message, to make others aware, and to make the most with what I do have and can do. I wish I had the capacity to do so much more.

My thoughts are with you always and my efforts to right this wrong will not ever be quenched til this is corrected.

You are one of the greats and I will tell you so that you know and my conscience knows that you have heard this that I love you and I do so with all my heart. I do so not as a crazed fanatic, I’m not for fanaticism. I do so as one kindred spirit to another. Whether or not you see it, this place is a heck of a lot better because of you and will continue to improve for the groundwork you have laid

You are a true inspiration and I will not ever lose sight of everything you are and represent.

There is so much more that I could say or go into but then I’d just feel like I was rambling on so I will simply say I wish you the very best all things considered and my condolences are with you.

Lovingly and Sincerely Yours,

Becca Calvert



Hello, this a the statement of support for Julian from Archaina, Het and Sleven.

We have recently started up a website/organization called (it’s only just been created, it’s a little rough around the edges)

We fully support you in your battle against this global injustice. You have given us the motivation and passion to continue on working towards a better system. You have kick started a revolution that someone should have started a long time ago and for that we follow you and spread your message.

Wherever you are and whatever situation your in, remember that you have hundreds of thousands of people behind you all the way.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done and for everything you’re doing.

Archaina, Het and Sleven.



Dear Julian,

By opening governments you are opening people’s eyes and changing their hearts – the best combination what Earth has ever seen! We need you! Don’t give up!

Yours sincerely,





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