Messages of support and encouragement for Julian- day six

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Over the next few weeks we will be compiling and posting messages of support for Julian. On the 12th August we will take your messages to the Ecuadorian Embassy and make sure Julian receives them.

Send in your message to [email protected] or post at the forum and find out more about this project here.



Big sky above you still Julian, and our future ahead of you.

Keep taking good care of yourself, we need you.



Dear Julian,

Thank you for helping to bring democracy to America.  I know it came at a great cost to you.  I am an American but I am ashamed of the government I live under. America is no longer a democracy, if it ever was one. We get very little real news here and until the information you provided came to us and provided us with the truth we were as in the dark as the rest of the world. I and many people I know are working to bring about a safer, more equitable world.

I do not know exactly what Sweden wants to charge you with but I am willing to bet that your supposed infractions are far less than say, Clinton as president, or than many other members of the U.S. government.

Many of us are aware that, if extradited, Sweden will give you up to the U.S. rogue government without a qualm.  I hope and pray that Ecuador will give you asylum until the American people wake up.

You are a hero in the classical meaning of the world.  You have brought light and hope to the world.  I am sorry that your gift has come at such a great cost to you. I am praying that you will have many, many better days in the near future.


Thelma Follett



Dear Julian,

 I truly admire what you and Wikileaks have done for the benefit of mankind. Thank you for lifting the curtain of disguise and revealing the truth. The so-called free press respectively investigative journalism has been tremendously constrained by government after 9/11 failing to perform its obligation and too often leading to self-censorship but you and your organization have proven us otherwise. Your very own words in the interview with Steve Kroft from CBS regarding free press activism were:

 „It’s not about saving the whales, it’s about giving people the right information they need to support whaling or not support whaling. Why? It is the raw ingredient that is needed to make adjustments in society and without that we are just sailing around in the dark…“

 And indeed you have helped make crucial adjustments in this world; the first of which was to make us alert to( governmental) abuse of power and to raise our awareness of the deterioration of democracy in the western world( and that was the most important to me and I believe it did have vast repercussions on the Occupy movement, too). You have liberated many from their ignorance in the dark cave. The revelation of the information by WikiLeaks are of very high value for humanity and they did, you did, alter the course of history. It first became most striking in Tunisia and yet this waive of uproar will not cease to bring other changes as well.

 If it were not for people like Bradley Manning or like you who acted in an utterly altruistic manner, selflessly and courageously we would not be here today. You have helped promoting human rights and democracy by being a fierce fighter for the freedom of speech..our freedom and basic democratic rights depend on it. So yeah, I think you acutally deserve the Nobel Peace price for the contribution you have made to the world.

 Thank you for showing us that we as individuals can bring change to society, that we are don’t have to watch helplessly and yield to the fradulent manipulation by governements and authorities…even if this means that we have to face a massive struggle and even if those holding the whip hand deprive us of our basic democratic rights which in your case is painfully obvious: Democratic states who destruct their own values and ideals by trying to censor investigative journalism and by prosecuting a journalist or taking part in this campaign just to hide their dirty secrets… ?

 You are an inspiration to many people in the world including me because you have given me hope; hope to shape the society I live in and hope of a better world.

 You shall be a free man before long. I support you and I know there is incredible support for you and what you stand for. It may be true that you have been isolated from the outside world and therefore it may seem that you are alone…but that is not at all true because you are one of us; if you are not free than neither are we.

 My heart goes out to you every single day.







Quand le berceau aride

sans mât sans mât


des silences étourdissants la résurrection du Cri

comme on menace un destin et les vents

du fond d’un naufrage

j’écris le mot NIHIL

en foudre

hors l’oubli

les armes miraculeuses des vols qui n’ont pas fui.


Fendre le crâne du monde meurtrir le puzzle moudre l’infirme sursis

du heurt le mal armé tamise

dévore les noms les sangs les lois

homo sacher le peuple qui manque

homo sacher pour la première fois

homo sacher impose ta chance

homo sacher…                                                           réel ordre arrache


Indices étreindre le pur instant

vierge vivace et bel aujourd’hui

le jour zéro lève l’ancre

cap sur dix oasis

et en mille rires de fleurir ivre

je respire










Julian you did a great job with Wikileaks we are with you and Bradley Manning !

 just plain thanks. we stand by you.

 “the right of publish … ! affects us all. freedom to speak , to research and teach and learn from each other !”






Send your messages to [email protected] or at the forum and we will post them here to make sure the world knows why Julian is a man we are all proud of. Messages will be posted regularly and  archived under ‘Messages of support’. Please do not send in messages that disclose your personal details, we cannot post them.


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