Messages of support and encouragement for Julian- day four

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Over the next few weeks we will be compiling and posting messages of support for Julian. On the 12th August we will take your messages to the Ecuadorian Embassy and make sure Julian receives them.

Send in your message to [email protected] or post at the forum and find out more about this project here.



Thank you Julian

My eyes have been opened – not just by the leaks – but by the amount of difference people with a cause can make against those in power who have become corrupt.

The slander of yourself reveals the desperation these people go to hide their own actions – it disgusts me to see masses lap up terms like cyber terrorist and rapist and the ease at which an entire force for good can be discredited.

You are an inspiration to anyone who chooses to look a little deeper than the headlines…

It must be hard to keep going when discredited so much with the addition of the slow endurance of house arrest – but you mean a lot to a lot of people who see through the lies of those in power and give a face to those willing to question what is wrong but hidden or sold as right

Good luck and keep going…





Dear Julian,

I read WL news and follow your twitter feed daily. For the past 2 years WL has been in my thoughts every single day! You rock!! And you are a rock!! Even my mother who is usually moderate says that you are a hero and that it’s obvious everything is a set up.. You are winning, please hang in there!

Well, I am writing today because I read Christine’s article and I imagined if I was in your situation I would be climbing the walls too..  I wanted to give you a couple ideas, maybe silly, but ..  you never know… One is to get one of those SAD lamps to compensate for the lack of sunlight. Two is to download an mp3 of nature sounds and listen to it with headphones. I used to do that and it worked. I listened to the sound of a river in the mountains with crickets and frogs. The sound of the water was so deep that I started even breathing better and feeling a sensation of freshness  and ease. Suddenly  I was smiling because I felt as if I was there , … it was only an app but it helped.

Big hug from a fellow human being fighting for a better life.

Don’t loose hope !





Best wishes to you Julian. Looking forward to seeing things work out for you.

Many thanks to WikiLeaks for playing an important role in bringing about news across the globe.

Btw, I found the tv show and the format of “The World Tomorrow” to be very interesting and would very much like to see more of it.




Mr Assange,

You, your team and Ecuador are amazingly brave and social people.

I wished there were more of You.

This is one of the rare times, I wish I would be a millionaire, so I could support you more!

Please keep strong and keep fighting. Wish you all the best.



Dear mr. Assange,

Your work is inspiring for so many people around the world. Including me. Please keep up the spirit and the good work. Never stop doing what you’re doing, saying what you think and feel about the world and what needs to be done. Because those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter. We are with you all the way. I’m sure I speak not only for myself but for many, many people.

I was first impressed by your work (and your teams work of cause) with the Trafigura leaks. So, that was way before the hype.  Since then, nobody managed to make me change my mind about you and Wikileaks, although they tried very, very hard, the David Leighs and Hilary Clintons of this world.

I saw your interesting conversations on RT with some great people. Jacob, mr  Marzouki, Mr Correa, mr  Ibrahim, mr Khan and others. Those talks made me even more sure that you are a good person with clear views on what to do in this world, and that with some effort we can still shift certain situations going terribly wrong.

All my support for you in these difficult times and for the whole team around you.

Best regards,

Marleen Daeleman





Hi Julian,

Please be heartened, and encouraged by the fact, that what you have

given to us (Humankind), is the ability to exercise the greatest of

all gifts, “Freedom of Choice”, by exposing the truth. I

It is therefore very unfortunate, that a man seeking to empower

mankind by giving them the truth, has been put of trial, not for a

genuine crime, but for the crime of upholding the primary virtue

described in every democratical system, of truth and justice for all.

You are being asked to pay the price, for a crime not being laid out

before your peers, which is indeed a crime against society.

What you represent, is the hope of a transparent, caring,

compassionate world, and i hope that your actions are vindicated, and

the society very soon wakes up. This, is really, a trial of whether we

should know the truth or not, and whether we are entitled to the

rights you have made us aware of.

You are a very brave and courageous man, and i hope that soon everyone

awaken to that fact.

Thank you Julian.

Warmest Regards,




Send your messages to [email protected] or at the forum and we will post them here to make sure the world knows why Julian is a man we are all proud of. Messages will be posted regularly and  archived under ‘Messages of support’. Please do not send in messages that disclose your personal details, we cannot post them.


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