Messages of support and encouragement for Julian- day eleven

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Over the next few weeks we will be compiling and posting messages of support for Julian. On the 12th August we will take your messages to the Ecuadorian Embassy and make sure Julian receives them.

Send in your message to [email protected] or post at the forum and find out more about this project here.


Julian, we love you, you have changed the world!

Rose in PA




I hope you are staying strong- this is a hard journey you are undertaking. You are and will always be one of the most significant figures of our time; so much you have learnt that we are now learning, so much that you are fighting for that we are now fighting for too.

Now even the smallest task I am faced with will be undertaken with increased determination- your will of conviction is  an inspiration. Such is the impact you are having on the world- from the humble one to the global collective.

You are echoing through history already; this must be what immortality feels like.

Thank you.



 Dear Julian,

Thank you for your commitment  to our freedom – hope you get yours.

With best wishes


Lorna Goldring



Apoyo total



Dearest Julian,

You have changed the world and many lives within it. I know you are going through quite a lot right now; but this is because the great are often burdened with great travails. I have absolutely no doubt that an unseen hand will protect you from serious harm.

Please maintain the strength, faith, and courage that you have shown us all throughout your life. I’m quite certain that help will soon arrive.

With you in spirit always,





Dear Julian, my best wishes be happy, be free, stay in safety and continue yours excellent works – so important for freedom, transparency and democracy development. I hope the next part of The World Tomorrow will be soon.

With best regards, Małgorzata



Send your messages to [email protected] or at the forum and we will post them here to make sure the world knows why Julian is a man we are all proud of. Messages will be posted regularly and  archived under ‘Messages of support’. Please do not send in messages that disclose your personal details, we cannot post them.


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