Messages of support and encouragement for Julian Assange- day one


Over the next four weeks we will be compiling and posting messages of support for Julian and on the 12th August we will take your messages to the Ecuadorian Embassy and make sure Julian receives them. Send in your message to [email protected] and find out more about this project here. Graphics courtesy of

Dear Julian,

I know you have the strength and will to endure this leg of what I can only describe as remarkable.

Like Mandela’s long walk to freedom. I hope you won’t have to wait 27 years however during the apartheid era there was no Internet then. Now good people across the globe are at work, planning, organising, informing and joining together. It’s your strength and will that inspires me to fight the injustice on your behalf while you stay within the Ecuadorian Embassy.

You show no fear or u-turn in changing the world forever even when the whole world is on your shoulders. You are not alone in that Embassy. I am with you every step of the way. So many are with you. Your courage is astounding.

I’m not going to pray for you…I am going to act.
I’m not going to become angry at those who continue to lie about secret grand dury’s…I’m going to persist in fighting with you.

Stay strong you’ve come this far Sir! In a blink of an eye we shall have you out there.

Thinking of you mate. Your a true Ozzie battler with a determination unlike any other that has graced this earth.

~ an admirer of yours ~

Mr. Assange, we need you free and kicking to continue your work asap!


Dear Julian,

I think of you and your struggle often. I hope firstly that Sweden takes the sensible decision to see you at the Embassy. Failing that we hope you are granted asylum by Ecuador, these people seem to be good and have your safety as a priority and realise that you need protection from the evils of the US judicial and penal system in order that you may be free to continue your good work.

I wish you all the very best, stay strong and keep safe

Julia O’Dwyer (mother of Richard O’Dwyer)



Dear Julian, You have changed the world, inspired others in positive ways and done much to help the cause of justice.Your work will always go on and your legacy is a powerful one.The world is a better place having known Julian Assange. Your friend, Rose Hayes


Julian we hope your well under the circumstances.

We’re right behind you every step of the way.

Stay strong friend.

The support for you is astounding. The US/UK/Aus/Swedish Govt’s only have the staying power of a bully. We, your loyal supporters, good men and woman will never give up.

It’s the least we can do for making our societies a fairer place to live.

So much to say….

Keep well!
Stay strong!

We’re working as hard as we can to get you out of there.


Everyone @ ScoFoWL


Our Dear Julian,

You have inspired so many of us, people from all over the world, to be better people. Your slogan, “Courage Is Contagious”, has really struck us, but in a beautiful way. Now, people all over the world, including myself (at your service), want to follow your courage. Here, in Mexico, people support you and believe in you. Ecuador has already opened its embassy’s doors to you, and I think more positive things will come from Ecuador in the days to come. You have a lot of support in the United States as well.

Please don’t change! We want to see you, and hear you, say many more times, “I like to crush bastards.”

The efforts of you and those who have contributed to WikiLeaks directly or indirectly have really paid off, and we’re just beginning.

I send you a warm hug all the way from Mexico.


You´re a true inspiration for all of us and a true hero. We
wish you can keep your strength to continue in this struggle.


My Father told me, if you stand up against those in power be prepared to be shot down. I and my family stand with you Julian!


Hey Julian,

I’m writing you since Berlin just to tell you that you’ve been a big inspiration to my generation! You brought hope to the world. I believe in positive thinking, even though it’s difficult sometimes. I also believe that people will see and be able to accept the truth concerning the mephitic world we are living in. Maybe it all comes faster than we think, maybe by the end of this year. Hopefully! So i just want to say “Halt die Ohren steif, Julian. Nach dem Regen scheint Sonne” and never give up – There is too many people standing behind you! They want you too feel alone & insecure. But there is nothing they can do about the revolution in our minds, that you helped to desenvolve. Wish you all the best, a lot of sun in your heart and freedom in your soul!





Dear Julian,

do never allow them to take your hopes and dreams away.
The world is a better place because of your work.
You can’t give up!
 Kind Regards!


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2 thoughts on “Messages of support and encouragement for Julian Assange- day one

  1. Julian,

    Faith is the key to all things. You´ll get through.
    I´m so sorry my country – Sweden – is in on this.

    Lots of love and support.

  2. Dear Julian,
    Thank you for helping to bring democracy to America. I know it came at a great cost to you. I am an American but I am ashamed of the government I live under. America is no longer a democracy, if it ever was one. We get very little real news here and until the information you provided came to us and provided us with the truth we were as in the dark as the rest of the world. I and many people I know are working to bring about a safer, more equitable world.
    I do not know exactly what Sweden wants to charge you with but I am willing to bet that your supposed infractions are far less than say, Clinton as president, or than many other members of the U.S. government.
    Many of us are aware that, if extradited, Sweden will give you up to the U.S. rogue government without a qualm. I hope and pray that Ecuador will give you asylum until the American people wake up.
    You are a hero in the classical meaning of the world. You have brought light and hope to the world. I am sorry that your gift has come at such a great cost to you. I am praying that you will have many, many better days in the near future.
    Thelma Follett

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