Merry Christmas Julian Assange! – Good Wishes for Julian from the WikiLeaks Forum

Good Wishes for Julian from the WikiLeaks Forum

Merry Christmas Julian Assange!

Let’s spred our best Xmas wishes and thoughts to the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, that in this moment is still blocked in the Ecuadorian Embassy and fighting to recive a fair treatment, and is putting his efforts in  running wikileaks.

All the expressed Xmas thoughts for Julian will be reported here in the Support Julian Assange website ( #SJA ) to show him all our support.
Let’s post our Xmas wishes here in this thread as replies, collecting them all together.

isis – Best Xmas wishes Julian!

Flavia –

Guy Thorium Green – Merry Krampus fest ,,,

From a cold Sweden with much snow
Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year

mabs01 – Merry Christmas Julian! from a little unknown Paradise island called Dominican Republic! the fight is not over! :*

assangesupporter – To Julian

At first I want to wish you a merry christmas, but then I read about the horrifying and shocking true meaning of christmas on the internet, a long article that states that by definition christmas means ”death of christ” , so us saying ”merry death of christ” wouldnt be right I changed my decision

anyways what I actually trying to say though:

>> Good luck running for australian senate seat next year! you carried with you thousands of hope out there for people who want to see good changes inserted in this world. people that suffers from oppression,war,genocide, activist & journalists that had been jailed due to their honest work,and also some of us, the citizen of this world who is heartbroken seeing the sad state of our world today.

>> listening to your speech keep us inspired. i’ve finished reading your book (underground), watching your rt tv shows (but not finished yet) and working by my own, trying to figure out how this world works, starting with learning about our monetary system and financial institution. its a headache sometimes, asking my lecturer and yet he didnt knew how to answer my questions but i will progress and maybe one day i can be like you too  :afro:

>> i pray for your well-being, physically,spiritually and emotionally. our thoughts are with you. i dont know how you deal with this mental-torturing , but i do know a strong man wont break down easily. they can confine you, but your works and words travel further than your physical body. keep strong!

>> i dont know how to end sentences but i guess this is the end. happy new year mate! your works wont be cowed   O:)

Nomad112  – God Jul Julian! I hope by next year you will be a free man, spending the holidays with your family!
Love Always <3

Cecily – Julian, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Hope the best for you <3 Don’t give up because world needs you and Wikileaks!!! 🙂

HighwayGhost  – Julian

It’s a pleasure to have your valuable attention for just a few seconds so I can thank you personally for the contributions you’ve made in my life.  I’m 28 currently and live in Canada, and as you can imagine, we get a copious amount of news and opinion from south of the border.  My whole life, I’ve watched the US government and it’s many agencies grow more and more out of control, and less and less interested in even seeking the trust or good will of it’s people (unless there happened to be an election in two weeks).

When WikiLeaks released the collateral murder video and the Iraq war logs, I had this feeling like finally, someone had one a decisive victory over the US government’s corruption and subversion that, while distressing to myself, must be unimaginably difficult and frightening for the good people of the US.  It was unbelievable!  To use the analogy of David vs. Goliath would be a massive understatement!  You and your team and your volunteers and sources – You caught them red-handed in their murderous imperialism and lies, all billed to the American taxpayer.  You showed my generation that Nobody is beyond accountability.

And you gave me hope that there is a world we can all live in; Not two separate worlds: one for the powerful and connected where there is no accountability and one for everyone else.

So thank you ever so much.

Merry Christmas.


mdaeleman1967 – Merry christmas from Belgium Julian. Hope to see you free very soon!!!,16678.0.html#msg43386

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