Martin Luther Assange

One of the major forces in shaping the world has been information and the control/flow of information. For hundreds of years, the Roman Catholic Church has held a lock on the most important available information of that age by keeping religious texts in Latin. In addition to that mechanism, religious works were laboriously copied and by the literate, which most often meant the priests. Then the printing press came, Luther nailed his denouncement to the church door, and the world changed radically, even though the Vatican sought to put the genie back in the bottle, the bottle had become far too small.

Governments today try to control information. They are often aided by the media that operate at the pleasure of those governments and/or the few super-wealthy that own those mediums. And as can be expected, power seeks power, and so the wedding of government to the super wealthy, and so the flow of information is controlled, and for the benefit of those two aforementioned groups. Then the internet and its widespread use entered the scene, and now world is poised on the brink of change yet again.

The post-printing press/Luther era brought change that marginalized rigid church control and the rule of Monarchs. The change being felt on the heels of widespread internet use erodes institutions that control education, national will, and the traditional media. It is these devices that keep us divided. To keep us divided benefits governments, for they can justify their abuse of us in the name of “protecting “ us using various mechanisms that only endanger us all the more.

This potential loss of power is what threatens our governments, and they in turn threaten Julian Assange. But again, the genie will not fit back in its bottle. This drama is not taking place behind closed doors, nor in dark alleys, but in public. Such a public display on the part of our various governments indicates their assumption that we-the public-are still willing dupes in our own enslavement. Some of us are, and join in the neanderthalic chorus that sings the death song for Assange. But the old Authoritarian dynamic no longer works, and governments struggle to meet this new and most grave threat to their stranglehold on our liberties. Happily, those governments will join the ranks of the bygone Church dynasty, and the right of Monarchs to rule because they already rule.

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