Lt.Col. Ralph Peters on Assange – ” he should be killed “

You have to hear it to believe it. This is Ralph Peters (born 1952) a retired United States Army Lieutenant Colonel and author. As a novelist he has sometimes written under the pen name Owen Parry.
This is surely incitement to murder! ( video clip at 3mins 48secs )

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6 thoughts on “Lt.Col. Ralph Peters on Assange – ” he should be killed “

  1. 3m 42s – other great quote from Ralph Peters… ” I didn’t interrupt you BUDDY” ( said in a demanding authorative tone )

  2. Is this normal in USA ?. How can an ex-military, established author get on live TV and say this outlandish stuff?. It is incitement to murder for christsake.!

    Is this the American JIHAD ???

    He should be jailed for saying this

  3. Really don’t know, but to me they look pretty hysterical. With reason, I’d say.
    I suppose in his rigid, military, mind everything that’s not politically correct and threaten American democracy (from their point of view), should blast.

  4. Yeah I know what you mean….I am just scared to heck that a guy like this can just appear on live national TV and call fo the murder of someone, who incidently, hasn’t been charged of any offence yet.

    This is treacherous so say the least… !

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