Living with the Feudal System of Information In Today’s World

Today’s world can be characterized by many things – but what by far surpasses everything else is that we are living in a system much like the feudal system – only not with kingdoms and royalty (per say) but rather with information holders.

There is a certain degree of demand when it comes to information.  After all if we all knew everything, there would be no movement within this thing we call “life.”  The problem with this demand for information is that unlike a few hundred years ago – information is readily available, and always at a cost – unless you are on the internet.

The internet has freed us of extreme oppression when it comes to information, but we are still under ball and chain when it comes to people in physical authority positions.  Julian Assange has been working very hard to crash this information feudal system.

If we look back into the pages of history, we can clearly see that anytime power is challenged, it balks – and not only does it balk, but it challenges back.  Sometimes this challenging back has led to nations and/or a people being even more oppressed than before they initially challenged and that is what we are seeing here with Wikileaks.

Julian Assange challenged the world’s governments and officials and not only are they balking, but they are challenging back – and not even doing so with honest intentions.  There are so many people in the world that are attempting to “get Julian back,” and they are using the tactic that he is fighting!

Julian Assange wants truth and he wants integrity in the world.  He wants authority figures to be accountable for themselves and represent their citizens in an honest way.  He does not support circumventing the system.  What Julian has done is legal and honest.  He has taken the gift of information that he received on has given it to the world – instead of harboring it like a criminal on the run with something to hide.

Is this something that is worth prosecuting?  Is the feudal system of information worthy of being to task?  Save your planet – and support Assange…if for no other reason, than because it’s the right thing to do.

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