Tweeting in Court? Allowed before?

Alexi Mostrous new internet age? Security guard: “phones off, unless you take notes with blackberry [paraphrased] in which case away you go”.#wikileaks

With the latest updates on Julian Assange – we all await in anticipation that our hero will be released! ┬áThere is absolutely no substantial evidence that anyone knows of as to why he would be held in captivity and warehoused like some off the market item long forgotten.

Support Julian Assange and TWEET to release him! Give it your all! SUPPORT JULIAN ASSANGE!!!

2.06pm: Has a judge ever allowed journalist to tweet court proceedings before?

1.52pm: Several journalist are tweeting proceedings, including Heather Brook @newsbrooke, who writes: “Swedish team with prosecutor gemma lindfield have just sat down in #assange extradition”.

Here are a couple of others:

@AlexiMostrous: “Bianca Jagger sitting as probable surety next to Helena Kennedy”.

@jimsciuttoABC “Courtroom fact of the day: in UK, sketch artists have to draw to memory. Can’t even sketch in ct here”

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