11.01am: Julian Assange’s mum has turned up at the court, as has Frontline club founder Vaughan Smith who has offered to put up Assange in his Suffolk pile.

Meanwhile PA has been talking to some of the WikiLeaks supporters gathering at the court.

Bulgarian Angel Spasov, 30, who lives in north-east London, said: “What has happened is completely wrong. We are supporting freedom of speech and he has shown the world the truth. He is doing this to make it a better world and governments around the world may not like it but we should be able to know what has really happened.”

Verena Payr, 29, travelled from her home in Tyrol, west Austria, to support Assange at court.

She said: “I heard everything about the charges and I thought I had to do something. I went to the WikiLeaks website, joined the forum and agreed to start a demonstration in London. I want to have a pint with him.”

“It is raining, but even if it was minus 20 degrees I would still be here.”

10.58am: The socialite Jemima Khan tweets her apologies.

Live blog: Twitter

Disappointed not to be able to be in court today.

10.53am: Stephens says the Assange team now has the necessary £200,000 in cash to meet the bail conditions, according a tweet from ABC news.

The veteran journalist John Pilger, one of Assange’s supporters offering surety, has turned up at court. He said Assange should walk free today.

10.32am: Robert Mugabe’s wife s suing a Zimbabwean newspaper over reports based on leaked cables that she made “tremendous profits” from the country’s diamond mines.

She’s demanding $15m (that’s US dollars, not Zimbabwean) from the Standard newspaper, according to the BBC.

The offending article is still leading the Standard’s site.

10.13am: You can now read Twitter updates from our reporters at the court on the right-hand side of this blog. We still don’t know if the judge will allow tweets from inside the court. Requests have been made to Mr Justice Ouseley.

10.09am: Julian’s mum, Christine, wrote notes on her arm when visiting her son in Wandsworth prison, she told Seven News. The WikiLeaks founder described his ‘quiet anger’ at his plight, this Guardian video reports.

9.58am: Mark Stephens says he is hopeful of having the money needed for security today.

“It appears to be in the banking system,” Stephens told reporters outside the court.

That means that if the high court uphold’s the decision to grant Assange bail, he may walk free today.

Yesterday Stephens said half of the £200,000 needed for bail had been raised in cash. Let’s hope they have good security guards.

9.51am: This time the photographers managed to snap a picture of Assange entering the court.

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