Letter from an Artist

Dear support-Julian-Assange,

As a huge supporter of Julian Assange and of aestetics, i felt both energized and frustrated by the global efforts to free the Man of the Year.
Energized, because so many people from all over feel the same way as I do.
Frustrated, because I saw so many poorly crafted pamphlets and portraits of Assange during the rallies and demonstrations.

Therefore, have made two portraits of Assange that i would like to offer you to put on your website or to use at manifestations.

Many thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

Kind regards,

Arjen van Lith
Graphic designer / writer
The Neherlands

You can download the Images in Full Size  by simply clicking on the images.

Download Size:  4.8 MB
Resolution:   3272 x 4366 pixel, 300 DPI

Please use them for Banners, flags, signposts or even better, use them for your FACEBOOK profiles.

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