l’Espresso journalist Stefania Maurizi on meeting with Julian Assange (march 2012)

Stefania Mauizi – march 14 2012

9:47 – 14 Mar 12 – The meeting had been booked w/ @wikileaks staff. After the release of Afghan War Logs, VERY VERY difficult for me to contact #Assange

9:54 – 14 Mar 12 – 27 Sept 2010, btwn10.30-11 pm #Assange materialised in my hotel in Berlin.He didn’t have any luggage,a part a shoulder bag 4his laptop

9:55 – 14 Mar 12
– He was ruminating on the luggage lost: he had opted 4 a direct flight, so he couldn’t understand how the luggage went lost

10:00 – 14 Mar 12 – I noticed #Assange had 3 or maybe five mobile phones, but their batteries were removed.

10:02 – 14 Mar 12 – The morning after(28 Sept.2010) #Assange put the battery in one of his mobiles.Later on I witnessed a conversation btwn #Assange &his lawyer

10:07 – 14 Mar 12
– “Why didn’t they interrogate me before? I was in Sweden for 6weeks”, #Assange told his lawyer, Mr. Hurtig.

10:09 – 14 Mar 12 – So that statement, which I remember very vividly as the all meeting, makes me realise #Assange was NOT escaping from interrogation

10:11 – 14 Mar 12 – I wrote abt this in dozens my articles 4 l’ESPRESSO, published well before judges and prosecutors suggested #Assange was trying 2escape

10:12 – 14 Mar 12 – I had no reason to invent this story at that time: I couldn’t know judges would have suggested #Assange had tried 2escape from interrogation

10:14 – 14 Mar 12
– I can fully understand the difficulties of his lawyer in contacting #Assange: it was VERY VERY VERY difficult

10:42 – 14 Mar 12 – Goran Rudling writes 2me:if @wikileaks staff helped U arrange Berlin meeting w/ #Assange,it could have helped JA 2arrange interview w/police

10:46 – 14 Mar 12
– My answer 2Rudling:my meeting booked1month before, @wikileaks staff supposed 2work w/journos,at that time @wikileaks underHUGEworkload(cont)

10:49 – 14 Mar 12 – The conversation btwn #Assange and his lawyer I’ve witnessed (why didn’t they interrogate me before?I was in Sweden for6weeks) crystal clear

10:54 – 14 Mar 12
– Finally, to Rudling: don’t forget when these facts happened: after the release of Afghan War Logs & immediately before Iraq War Logs (cont)

10:56 – 14 Mar 12 – At that time, @wikileaks staff& #Assange under huge work&number of requests of all sorts.I can imagine difficulties in addressing this mess

10:59 – 14 Mar 12 – @[see link] No propaganda. Goran Rudling asked me 4precise info, so I answered.I still have all the docs of my meeting in Berlin w/ #Assange

Via Stefania Mauizi @SMaurizi : https://twitter.com/#!/SMaurizi

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