L’Espresso journalist @SMaurizi on meeting with Julian Assange


Stefania Maurizi: 1 year ago I received a call: can you fly to London immediately? @wikileaks was ready to handle me Italian cables 4 l’ESPRESSO-LA REPUBBLICA

I flew from Rome Fiumicino to London. I was instructed to take a train, someone was ready to drive me to a country house

I have no idea where that country house was. Windows were fully covered by curtains so that no one could see what was going on inside

Mobile phones and internet connection were NOT working in that house.

I told @wikileaks people it was a paradox that we couldn’t access the internet in the realm of @wikileaks

@wikileaks people told me that they chosen that house in a way that electronic communications and thus eavesdropping were discouraged

@wikileaks people told me that they chosen that house in a way that electronic communications and thus eavesdropping were discouraged

I was given an encrypted file: 4,189 Italian cables.I was told I was supposed 2 put cables in air-gapped computers 2 avoid intrusions (con)

I was NOT supposed to reveal or publish passwords protectiing the encrypted file: NEVER EVER

I was supposed to edit info+names which could endanger lives,BUT I was NOT supposed 2 edit info which could be embarrassing 4powerful people

I followed the rules we had agreed scupulously and never ever experienced problems in dealing with @wikileaks

Before cables I had worked on Afghan War Logs, and before I had worked with @wikileaks in 2009, when they handled me an audiofile abt (cont)

the alleged role of the Italian secret services in garbage scandal inNaples.I published this story in l’ESPRESSO:http://t.co/XjqUjXxB

My meeting w/ #Assange 4 getting the Afghan War Logs for l’ESPRESSO was intriguing.I told this story in my book http://t.co/MmcKSabr

I met #Assange in Berlin the 27th of September 2010, later on I discovered he was accused of trying to escape from justice in Sweden

#Assange was NOT trying to avoid questioning in Sweden: we had an appointment in Berlin, where I was supposed to get the Afghan War Logs

#Assange arrived very late in the evening (btwn 10,30-11 PM Berlin-time). He met me in the lounge of my hotel. I noticed he had no luggage

#Assange only had his laptop and a small plastic bag containing a t-shirt, a toothbrush &2-3 small bottles of liquid soap.

#Assange told me: this is all I was given at the airport after I was told my luggage was lost

#Assange seemed worried& ruminating on that fact:he had opted for direct flight 2Berlin,he thought it was strange that his luggage was lost

I tried 2dispel some paranoia abt the luggage: his laptop was still there,I couldn’t believe the CIA more interested in his socks

#Assange replied: “I bring this laptop ALWAYS with me: it is not possible that it get lost” & he put his hand in a high neck pullover(cont)

#Assange extracted a usb stick from his high neck pullover and told me: “I bring also this usb stick with me”

#Assange extracted a usb stick from his high neck pullover and told me: “I bring also this usb stick with me”

#Assange showed me a small piece of paper. There was something written on it: it looked like a very long statement full of symbols

that was a password. “how many ‘n’ can you see in that word?”, he asked me

I could see only 1 ‘n’, because that is the correct way to write that word. “Look again”, #Assange told me a bit disappointed

I am definitely NOT an expert on cryptography, but I got classes on it for my degree in maths: #Assange passwords looked very strong

in 2009 and realised that many talented people are at the center of the interest of informants, like Adrian Lamo…

I met #Assange the 27th of September 2010 late in the evening in Berlin, the morning after (28th of Sept) we went to an internet cafè

in that internet cafè #Assange and I signed an agreement witnessed by Kristinn Hrafnsson and then #Assange gave me the Afghan War Logs files

While in that internet cafè I witnessed a phone call btwn #Assange and someone else.”Why didn’t they interrogate me before?”,Assange told

“I was in Sweden for 6 weeks”, #Assange told to the person he was talking to

After the call ended #Assange told me it was his lawyer, Mr. Hurtig, on the phone. The Swedish prosecutors were ready to arrest him.

I have written extensively abt the Afghan War Logs + my meeting in Berlin with #Assange my articles: http://t.co/LYnW9JCW (continue)

My meeting with Julian #Assange in Berlin: http://t.co/UJMm4gBN

the conversation I have witnessed btwn #Assange& his lawyer was described in an article I have published in l’ESPRESSO the 9th of Dec2010
that article is titled “L’EVERSORE” and was written well before the Swedish prosecutors accused #Assange of trying to escape from justice

I had no reason to invent the statement: “Why didn’t interrogate me before? I was in Sweden for 6 weeks”. In Dec2010 I couldn’t know (cont)

the Swedish prosecutors would have accused #Assange of trying to escape from justice

I definitely don’t think #Assange was trying to escape from justice: we had an appointment in Berlin and I still have docs on that meeting

I want 2 close this thread telling you that before publishing the Italian cables I have received dozen of silent phone calls (continue)

that was nothing scaring: colleagues investigating mafia receive very serious threats, those were not threats, were just silent calls (con)

but I am still wondering why I received those silent calls


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