Robertson jokes #Assange would be under “mansion arrest” if he was bailed to Vaughan SMith’s house

Robertson calls Captain Vaughan Smith to offer surety. Also offers tag, curfew, restricted travel and other conditions

pros counsel: “The court has already found that mr Assange is a flight risk and its submitted that nothing has changed”

Pros counsel says: “In bail applications under extradition act strength of evidence ought not to be primary focus.”

Heather Brooks Reporting LIVE:

Prosecutor is laying out reasons why #assange shouldn’t be granted bail and why the full evidence of allegations should be left for sweden.

2.28pm: Tweeting in court, there’s an article on that. Siobhain Butterworth, the Guardian’s former Readers’ editor writes:

Since there isn’t a statutory ban on creating text by means of electronic devices, it surprises me that journalists and bloggers haven’t already lobbied British judges about reporting directly from the courtroom.

A lo it came to pass.

2.23pm: The Guardian’s Vikram Dodd, who also made it inside, writes:

Court number one is packed, with so much press interest, special permission was given for people to stand. Assange entered at 2.12pm, wearing black jacket and white shirt. He greeted his lawyers Mark Stephens.

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