Law and Belief

We are told frequently by those who seek power over us that we live under the rule of law. This is assumed to be a good thing. When Law is made and applied with compassion to the needs of the population, then it truly is good. A codified set of rules that everyone can understand and is applicable to the current societal conditions is preferable to the whims of Rulers.

Unfortunately, the “rule of law” as we have it is a sham. It is an illogical con job. It is claimed that the system has suitable checks and balances built in to prevent manipulation. BS. Those who obtain power over us make the laws!! Duh!! If they get it in their collective heads to oppress or deceive or siphon off funds through dodgy deals, they can legitimise their actions quite easily. Yes, sometimes there is some noise from the judiciary, but this can be dealt with. Who appoints the judges? Most of recent history’s monstrous regimes operated within the law.

The Law is a pawn of the belief system.

The problem we are having at present is that the majority believe the basic tenets of the Militarist/Capitalist system.
There is, however, discontent because of recent over the top dumb actions by the leading “Free Nations”. The Iraq war waged on a fiction by oilmen turned politicians, who not only used 9/11 as a trigger for war, but also as an excuse to savagely curtail the freedoms of it’s own and it’s allies citizens. The greedy rake off of the general populations wealth through the GFC, when not only did the financial hit squads strip many hard working people of everything through predatory lending practises, but then used their power to force the government to hand over billions more of taxpayers money as bail outs. I see people struggling with the aftermath. I see the Bankers once again making obscene profits. Did the people loosing their houses get the aid? No.!! Screwed both ways.
And then there is the attack on the freedoms of the press and speech. Take the abysmal state of journalism and the rabid attacks on Wikileaks and Julian Assange. In a supposed “Democracy” the people have a right to know!!

Those that seek power over us, have conditioned our society’s belief system. Through constant repetition and distortion they have us believe that the heartless brutality that emanates from our Fundamentalist Capitalism is necessary to maintain our “free” way of life with it’s surfeit of useless “consumer goods”. They blind us with morally bankrupt TV shows where greed and appalling behaviour are cheered on and promoted. They feed us on the bodies of mistreated animals and poisoned crops. They turn us into slaves with easy credit and conditioning to consume. They mine the labour of sweat shop slaves in foreign countries to not only make immense profits, but strip their own populations of security of wages and conditions.

It’s this belief system that is the core problem of all our somewhat psychotic behavior. We have examples all throughout history and even today, of belief systems leading to extreme behaviours, both bizarre and destructive.

We need to decondition! Open our eyes!! Think for ourselves.

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