Julians Brief to the Public After Being Released

Channel 4 News Live Blog:

#Assange: Well it’s great to smell the fresh air of London again. First some thank yous to all the people in the world who’ve supported me
#Assange thanks his lawyers, supporters, and the press “who were not all taken in”, and finally to the Brit justice system.
“During my time in solitary confinement…I had time to reflect on those people also on remand in worse conditions than me…
…those people also need your help and support. With that in mind I will continue” (in his fight).

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3 thoughts on “Julians Brief to the Public After Being Released

  1. Требование об экстрадиции незаконно. Изнасилование в Швеции тр
    актуется шире, чем в Великобритании. По законодательству Великобритании то, в чем обвиняют Ассанжа, не является преступлением. Ст. 2 Конвенции о выдаче указывает, что деяние должно признаваться преступлением в обоих государствах.

    • Translation:

      Extradition request is illegal. Rape in Sweden mp
      aktuetsya wider than in the UK. According to UK law that he was accused Assange is not a criminam. Part. 2 of the Convention on Extradition states that the act should be recognized as a crime in both countries.

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