Julian Assange: Request Denied!

Via Christine Assange @AssangeC on twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/AssangeC

(1)Julian asked Aust Govt 2 ask U.S. 2 ask those who had publicly incited murder against him 2 retract statements.Request denied.


(2)Julian asked Aust Gov 2 ask Swedish PM,AG ,FM 2 stop misleading public re caseFACTS, & smearing him in public .Request denied.


(3)Julian asked Aust Govt 2 ask Sweden 2 grant bail .(unquestioned,uncharged,didn’t breach UK bail conditions)Request denied.


(4)Julian asked Aust Govt 2 grant him safe passage home from UK &Sweden at end of proceedings. Request denied.‪#assange‬ ‪#auspol


(5)Julian asked Aust Govt 2 ask Sweden under Prisioner Transfer Program that any sentence B served in Australia. Reguest denied. ‪#assange


(6)Julian asked Aust Govt 2 ask U.S.not 2 put him under”Special Administrative Measures”in prison(no touch torture)Request denied.‪#assange

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