Julian Assange for 2012 Nobel Peace Prize. C.A.Mc Nelis. New York City. USA.

Since it`s beginning, in 2006, Wikileaks was conceived as a solution for citizens to expose the injustices and the illegal activities of their governments. During the recent years, Wikileaks, and his visible head, Julian Assange, have exposed to the world, the lies, abuses, and Human Rights violations behind the curtains of legality of the governments of Kenia, Iceland, United States among dozens of states around the globe. With the disclosure of classified information Wikileaks and Julian Assange have contributed to create a more transparent world, where citizens are able to know about the activities of their governments, and when governments feel the pressure of their citizens, in the aim for creating a future with out criminal political or corporate secrets.

Julian Assange, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of WikiLeaks, should be nominated for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize. By enabling whistleblowers to pass on material through a secure site, WikiLeaks has exposed unjust, illegal practices and atrocities committed by governments and corporations. Through WikiLeaks, Julian Assange has shared with the world the hidden side of international diplomacy and corporate activities; this information has enriched the historical record of nearly every country around the globe. History has traditionally belonged to the conquerors, but the cable releases and other materials have helped empower those who have little control over their destinies, and those who find their beliefs and financial power being used for unworthy purposes. The empowerment of ordinary people is, I believe, the greatest achievement of Mr Assange’s work and makes him most deserving of this prestigious prize.

Thank you.

C. A. McNelis

New York City, USA


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