Julian Assange extradition decision almost upon us

Later this week Julian Assange will learn if he is to receive a free one-way all-expenses-paid trip from England to Sweden.

With Julian Assange currently held under an effective house arrest in England, the decision in his appeal against extradition to Sweden to face questioning over a number of sexual assault charges will be announced later this week.

Fearing an arrangement between Sweden and USA to on-ship him to a luxury cell next-door to Bradley Manning (the supposed CableGate leaker), WikiLeaks’ Assange and his legal team (including at one time the well-known Australian silk Geoffrey Robertson QC) have been fighting very hard to overturn the previously granted extradition.

According to local courts, the decision will be announced by Lord Justice Thomas and Mr Justice Ouseley in the High Court at 9:45am Wednesday, London time.  That translates to 8:45pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time.

No matter what the decision, an appeal to the Supreme Court by the losing party seems likely, resulting in further delays to Assange’s freedom should he be the appellant.


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