Julian Assange, dictators and terrorists – spot the difference

Stop The War Coalition – 26/july/2012

http://stopwar.org.uk/ Why is Wikileaks founder Julian Assange seeking political asylum in Ecuador? Watch this film, see how an Interpol Red Notice has been issued for his arrest — which is usually used for dictators and terrorists — even Syria’s Assad and Libya’s Ghaddafi were not subjected to one — and know why he is resisting extradition to Sweden.


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One thought on “Julian Assange, dictators and terrorists – spot the difference

  1. this is absurd America using their POWER to conceil WHAT what is it that they are so afraid people will know? TELL Me i am american I want to know what the Gov will not tell US I am not alone millions of americans who feel vulnerable are questioning The United states is pulling a George W Bush Cowboy bully scene I would think that the US has bigger fish to fry or are they in fear of people knowing the TRUTH?

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