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London. – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange denounced a lack of neutrality of Sweden that encourages fear that this country can be extradited to U.S. to stand trial for espionage, according to a statement distributed to half Ecuadorian partially on Wednesday.

Imagen de archivo del fundador de WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, dando un discurso desde un balcón en la embajada de Ecuador en Londres, ago 19 2012. Ecuador está listo para negociar respecto al destino de Julian Assange, pero exige al Reino Unido que retire la amenaza de entrar a su embajada en Londres donde el fundador de WikiLeaks ha buscado refugio, dijo el martes el presidente Rafael Correa. Foto: Chris Helgren / Reuters“Sweden has entered neutrality to the dustbin of history,” Assange told the public channel Gama, who interviewed in Quito embassy in London, where he has been since last June 19.

The Australian, 41, said after reporting “significant progress” in the seventies social, Sweden “has changed in a very sad”.

“Most Swedes see what happened, see the change and is in a position where more than a hundred NATO committees, where their forces are under U.S. command in Afghanistan,” he said, as translated by an interpreter .

Sweden “was the fifth aircraft in Libya, was the first whose parliament voted to send planes to Libya, is the number one arms manufacturer in the world per capita, almost twice what Israel produces,” said Assange.

Dialogue with the computer activist was released partially in an interview with Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa, focused on diplomatic asylum Quito granted on 16 August.

Asked about Assange expressions on the Scandinavian country, Correa declined to comment.

“I would not comment on a country that we both like Sweden, on a village near as respected and Latin America because he received many refugees and asylum seekers of bloody dictatorships that existed in our America”, evoked the leftist ruling.

After granting asylum to Assange, Quito calls to UK a pass to the Australian can leave freely in that country.

Assange fears that once in Sweden to extradite him to the United States, where he said he could be sentenced to death or life imprisonment for espionage, after WikiLeaks revealed thousands of secret diplomatic cables to Washington.

The activist ruled, moreover, that he and Correa are using each other, if necessary to get rid of the process in Sweden for alleged sex crimes denies having committed, and the president’s image to wash their freedom repressor press.

“I do not feel at all that we have been used, we share common values, the groups also affect us negatively,” he said.

“I am someone, and this has been established, which is under political persecution in the United States and its allies, it is recognized,” said the Australian.

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